Students Visiting Taifa Laptop Assembly Plant

On 19th October, 2018 students from JKUAT Nakuru Campus had an opportunity to visit the Taifa Laptop Assembly Plant in Nairobi. The Taifa Laptop brand is owned by the by the Nairobi Industrial and Technological Park (NITP). The laptops are assembled in partnership with Inspur. Inspur is an international firm based in China. The multi-purpose assembly line was installed at the Nairobi Institute and Technological Park(NITP). NITP which was launched in September 2015.
NITP is a company owned by the JKUAT and MOIED which is a very ambitious flagship Kenya Vision 2030 project. The aim of the project is to provide more world-class solution, create jobs and wealth. Thus promoting the ‘Buy Kenya, Build Kenya’ slogan.
For more information about Taifa Laptop click on the link —>  About Taifa Laptops

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