IVEY Busness training concludes:

JKUAT Nakuru and Canada University of Western conducted a three week training programme. The training programme is based on business decision making with cases. 2011 was the launching year of The programme. It aims to foster student engagement and growth. This is part of the broader collaboration between the two universities.

The aim of the programme is to promote critical thinking, problem solving skills and leadership skills. This is by outlining real life cases and using the practical nature of it to give propositions. They have been partnering with other African institutions in Ghana, Tanzania and Ethiopia. There was relaying back of diverse information from the continent’s context from other African Partnering Institutions. That is what the student fraternity from JKUAT Nakuru Campus was able to learn

The programme facilitators were confident of achieving the following outcomes during the training. That the students involved in the training will consummate their knowledge. They will come up with business ventures and be job creators for their generation. The commencement date of the interactive training programme was May 2, 2019. It came to an end May 25, 2019.

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