UI/UX Workshop

On 8th February 2014, The Mombasa Tech Community hosted a UI/UX Workshop at JKUAT CBD. The turn-out was quite impressive with a total of over 60 attendees. The event kicked off at 9.00am. The guest speakers were Mr. Olivier Vernin and Mr. Zaheer Mamujee; both IT professionals with over 10 years’ experience.

The session started with Zaheer introducing UI and UX. Through the presentation, the attendees learnt the importance of studying users, tasks, contents and the environment. Afterwards, Olivier talked about the design and implementation, discussed the factors to consider when implementing UI and UX and the verifications. He came up with a logical diagram of the interaction between the personal computer, servers and the database, giving MY SQL, Redis and Mongo db as examples. He also briefed on the latest trends on web design such as Angular.js, Node.js and Ember.js.Zaheer then took up the stage and discussed the UI and UX roles.
Olivier then  briefed the attendees on the current program he was working on with his team. The Director of JKUAT Mombasa also honored the event by shortly attending the event and giving out a few words of wisdon. Olivier then came up with a challenge that would take 20 minutes of brainstorming and the attendees were divided into groups of 6. The challenge was to come up with a design of a page of the program whereby they would have to include number of participants, the total number of messages, incoming and outgoing messages. This would help the users easily interact with the program and meet their needs. A member from each team was given 2 minutes to present their ideas.
Zaheer and Olivier were impressed with the suggestions from the teams. Before the wrap up, Olivier showed the decision that he and his team members had taken to include the tasks on the program.DSC_9766

To wind up the event, Ahmed Maawy, the Co-Founder of Mombasa Tech Community talked about how proud he was by the progress made by the community so far. Said Fuad, the GDG Champion, introduced the Africa Android Challenge 2014. Alifiyah Ganijee, the Recruiter/Mentor of Technovation 2014 then introduced the Technovation Challenge and encouraged the female attendees to register. She then ended the event by thanking the speakers for the wonderful session and the attendees. What a day it was!

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