Shaping the Future: An Open and Secure web for all

  • JKUAT Lecturer Alifiyah Ganijee welcoming participants to the even.
  • Mr. Abdulrehman from JKUAT who talked on “War Driving: Cyber Crime and Cyber Security” how security from back then to today is evolving.
  • Participants at the event
  • Mr. Antony from JKUAT who also spoke on Internet Security. He also advised on purchasing and downloading softwares from trusted vendors and sites on the internet.
  • Mr. Swaleh Abubakar gave a twist on his presentation “Online Privacy, A myth or a reality?”

Mozilla Mombasa in collaboration with JKUAT Mombasa organized the last event under the Maker Party Series, dubbed Shaping the Future the theme being “Creating a Free, Open and Secure Web for All” The community was privileged to have hosted well knowledgeable speakers in the field of Information Security  to discuss all elements revolving round Information Security ranging from Mobile Internet Security, Cookie Management, Network Security and  Software downloads amongst others.

Mr. Abdulrehman from JKUAT talked on “War Driving: Cyber Crime and Cyber Security” how security from back then to today is evolving. From Desktops, Laptops to Mobile security. He explained how hackers are now trying to find ways to intrude into Smartphones. He talked of the Smartphone security feature “Unlock Pattern” which makes it simple for persons to access personal mobile phones.

The second speaker was Mr. Joash from Seacom. His presentation titled “Security on the ISPs – Routers and Switches” mostly covered Network Security. Mr Joash highlighted various levels of security measures that can be implemented in organizations giving an example of how use of certain routers that have in built security features(Cyber Roam) that can easily be used to implement security in an organization.

Mr. Antony from JKUAT also spoke on Internet Security and reminded us on the effects of the Raila-Kibaki virus which caused major hiccups in majority of the telecommunications company. He also advised us on software purchasing and stressed on the need of downloading software from trusted vendors and websites.

Mr. Swaleh Ahmed, from Crablinks gave a presentation dubbed “Online Privacy, A myth or a reality?” Mr. Swaleh being a part time IT lecturer at JKUAT Mombasa, made it interactive by posing questions to the audience. He further explained how online data from internet users has influenced mordern marketing.

Mr. Harris Mwashalo demonstrated how to manage cookies on the Internet by using a short video. He further demonstrated how information from your computer; including ISP, IP address, Mac address, OS type can be retrieved while surfing the web.

Mr. Samson Chalo from TechBiz was the final speaker. He concluded by demonstrating how the Cyberoam device is able to control Internet Usage. By controlling access to social networks during office hours and also by stopping torrents.


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