Mombasa Campus Holds an ICT Expo at Coast Girls


Students during the ICT Expo

JKUAT Mombasa Campus held the first High school ICT Expo at Coast Girls High School on 5th July 2014.  The main objective was to sensitize secondary school students on ICT trends. JKUAT Mombasa convened the one-stop educational event at Coast Girls’ High School where more than 200 students from fourteen secondary schools converged. These are:

  1. Coast Girls High school
  2. Sheikh Khalifah Bin zayed High School
  3. Mama Ngina Girls High school
  4. Alidina visram High School
  5. Serani High School
  6. Agakhan High school
  7. Star of the sea High school
  8. Mbaraki Girls High School
  9. Khamisi High school
  10. Qubaa Muslim School
  11. St.Charles Luanga Secondary School
  12. Tudor Day Secondary School
  13. Baptist High School
  14. St Marry’s seminary

Mr. Ondago (Assoc. Chair IT and Computer Studies, JKUAT Mombasa Campus) opened the event at 9.15 am and welcomed everyone. Thereafter, Mr Sam Kyang’anda gave a presentation on career trends in ICT. He made it clear to the students that in the coming decade, ICT will affect and reshape most parts of our society. He reiterated that it will radically influence the global economy, our culture and the way we perceive the world.

JKUAT students taking ICT were not left behind as they made the occasion lively with their technovations. Gilbert Kulali demonstrated a Video Lending libaray system using Microsoft Access. Lali shafi followed with a presentation on smart phone tips and tricks

which got everyone in the hall excited.Joan Nabusoba demonstrated a quick aider app that provides quick steps to solutions for first aid, The app provides maps showing nearest hospitals relative to your location.

Zahra Jalalkhan impressed the students with her talk on women in ICT and her WATH application that facilitates women working at home. Alex chege thrilled the students with cruising Kenyan car games and shopping game applications that got their full attention.

Bryan opiyo unveiled his twenzetu application that informs residents on social events happening at the county. Rahma Abdullah wound up with her Tusaidiane app that facilitates the collection of donations like clothes, money e.t.c.

After the demonstrations, the students were divided into five groups. The groups brainstormed and came up with ICT solutions to various problems affecting the society. These solutions were finally presented by selected representatives. Finally, Mr. Aggrey Wanyama (Senior Academic Registrar, JKUAT Msa) closed the event with words of wisdom and insight to the students.

Links to event videos


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