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On 8th February 2014 Mr.Collins Ondago held a meeting with ICT teachers of Mombasa County High Schools.These were:

  1. Douglas Simiyu-Aga Khan High School
  2. Michael Ponda-Mbaraki High School
  3. Judith A. Mwanga-Khamis Boys High School
  4. Githinji S Kiige-Coast Girls High School
  5. Richard Odera-Star of the Sea Secondary School
  6. Peter Muthanga-Mamangina Girls High School
  7. Seif Kanzere-Qubaa High School

ICT Teachers High School  Forum

The meeting deliberated on the following:

  1. Introduction
  2. JKUAT ICT Expo for High Schoolers
  3. CS4HS
  4. Feedback and suggestions
  5. AOB

The meeting was a big sucess ,the teachers had a very positive feedback about it,The tentative event for the High School ICT Expo was scheduled forĀ  13th March 2014.

ICT Mombasa Teachers at JKUAT Mombasa.

ICT Mombasa Teachers at JKUAT Mombasa.

2 thoughts on “ICT Mombasa Teachers Forum

  1. Such a great innovation, i admire the efforts of the ICT department of JKUAT MSA campus under the able chairmanship of Mr. Ondago

    am proud to be associated with JKUAT MSA CAMPUS…

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