BSc Public Health

BSc Public Health


The course units for the programme are listed below. All the courses are equivalent to one unit unless otherwise specified. A unit is defined as the equivalent of 45 one hour lectures spread over one semester. For this purpose, three hours of practicals or two hours of tutorials are equivalent to one hour lecture.

Year 1
HRD2101 Communication Skills
HRD 2102 Development Studies and Social Ethics
IPH 2101 Introduction to Public and Environmental Health
SMA 2104 Mathematics for Science
IPH2105 Technical Drawing
SCH 2107 Inorganic Chemistry
IPH2106 Comparative Anatomy of Food Animals I
IPH2107 Comparative Anatomy of Food Animals Ii
SCH 2108 Organic Chemistry
SZL2111 Hiv/Aids
AFS 2201 Microbiology I
ICS 2100 Information Technology
IPH 2104 Behavioral Sciences
IPH 2102 Human Physiology
IPH 2103 Human Anatomy
ICH 2106 Biochemistry

Year 2
IPH 2203 Public and Community Health
IPH 2213 Quantity Surveying
IPH 2201 Principles of Human Nutrition
IPH 2204 Principles of Food Preservation
IPH 2205 Food Quality Assurance
IPH 2206 Post Harvest Pathology
MLS 2102 Physics for Medical Sciences
IPH2207 Medical Parasitology
IPH2202 Microbiology II
IPH 2208 Medical Mycology
IPH 2209 Food Toxicology and Food Borne Diseases
IPH 2210 Zoonoses
IPH 2211 Food Inspection and Hygiene I
ICH 2210 Medical Virology
IPH2212 Medical Entomology and Pest Management
MLS 2131 First Aid
IPH 2216 Attachment 1

Year 3
IPH 2301 Maternal Child Health and Nutrition
IPH 2313 Building Material Sciences
IPH 2302 Food Biotechnology and Biosafety
IPH2304 Principles of Immunology
IPH 2305 Epidemiology I
MLS2330 Biostatistics
ICH 2311 Water Safety and Quality Control
ICH 2304 Liquid Waste Management
IPH 2306 Epidemiology Ii
IPH 2314 Building Construction and Technology
IPH 2315 Drainage and Conservancy
IPH2307 Food Inspection and Hygiene Ii
IPH 2308 Disaster Management
IPH 2309 Health Education and Promotion
IPH 2310 Communicable Diseases
IPH 2311 Research Methodology
IPH 2312 Attachment II (8 Weeks)

Year 4
HRD2401 Entrepreneurship Skills
ICH 2401 Mental Health
IPH 2401 Professional Ethics and Legal Framework (45 H)
IPH 2402 Disease Surveillance
IPH 2405 Port Health
IPH 2412 Rural, Urban Planning and Development
IPH 2403 Environmental Pollution
IPH 2404 Nutrition Interventions
MLS2430 Research Project (1unit)
IPH 2406 Health and Nutrition In Emergencies
IPH 2407 Environmental Impact Assessment
IPH 2408 Occupational Health and Safety
IPH 2409 Control and Prevention of Non-Communicable and Lifestyle Diseases
IPH 2410 Public Health Laws and Legislations
IPH 2411 Health Systems Management
MLS 2430 Research Project (1 Unit)


Minimum Entry Requirements

KCSE Mean Grade C+ (Plus) (or equivalent) , C (Plain) in Biology
or Biological sciences and Chemistry, C – (Minus) in
English/Swahili and C – (Minus) in Mathematics/ Physics,
K.A.C.E. 2 relevant Principal passes
Diploma or HND in Clinical Medicine, Public Health, Community
Health, Human Nutrition, Pharmacy.
Or, – Be a holder of any other qualification accepted by the
University Senate as equivalent to any of the above.
NB: Diploma Holders with Credit Pass will Join 2nd Year Level
whereas HND Holders will Join 3rd year Level.

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