An Inspiring Academic Journey of Stephen Ochwoto

As an economic undergraduate, I secured an entry-level employment at Equity bank Mombasa branch in August 2012. After hard work and career stagnation for two years, I was still working as a clerical staff. I then decided to join JKUAT Mombasa Campus in May 2015 for a master’s program in project management. My decision was motivated by the fact that employers need employees who have the best skills. My two years’ journey at the university was built on a strong foundation of skills from able lecturers who tirelessly mentored us in project management, for sure the methodology of group discussion is a key learning point of the trends in the industry.

In the course of my third semester, my company had an opening for a senior project officer in 2016, the minimum qualification for the position was a Master’s degree in in project management. I applied for the position and out of the many applicants I emerged to be the best. I relocated to Nairobi to take up my new role. While there, I did my field attachment and started my Thesis in October 2016, the journey wasn’t smooth, during my first proposal defense it didn’t go well. I pursued my second chance and by May 2017, I completed my project defense, published and graduated in December 2017. To take us back at the beginning of 2017, I landed to an interesting opportunity as an ICT Project Manager sealing my hard work and enthusiasm in project Management. It was a definite game changer considering the exposure of the real industry experience in project management, change management, quality assurance, strategic projects and resource management.

My academic and career journey over the last two years has made me an enthusiast in IT projects management, change management and quality assurance. I have unique ability to learn diverse products, manage multi-disciplinary projects, navigate complex challenges and build relationships.

16 thoughts on “An Inspiring Academic Journey of Stephen Ochwoto

  1. Congratulations Mr. Steve. This has been a milestone and you are going far. This determination will yield greater fruits. All the best in your doctorate. Looking forward to calling you Daktari soon.

  2. Dear Stephen,

    I am privileged to have read the story.

    It shows that life is a journey and you have to take a step at a time.

    Goal setting is paramount and with great focus you can achieve your set goals.

    I am inspired by your:


    Ideally, education is a leveler.

    Education and emotional intelligence gives you the confidence and courage to stand before anyone despite the race, language, creed, status and background.

    Be inspired soon to be DOCTOR.

    Affect and inspire people and communities by making an indelible difference.

    Leave an imprint in people’s lives with great moments and memories.

    Let them be glad that they met and had the privilege of engaging you.

    Much has been done but there is MORE ground to be covered!

    Let your Hardwork, Education & God’s grace and Favor grand you the WINGS TO FLY up with the Eagles.

    All the best SIR.

    Best of luck in your future endeavors and aspirations.

    Proud and privileged to be associated with you

  3. Congrats Steve, I vividly remember telling you opportunity favors the prepared.
    If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door. you are not a product of circumstances but a product of your decisions.
    Without leaps of imagination or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities. Dreaming, after all is a form of planning.

  4. Very inspiring and a true testimony that hard work, discipline and passion pays off in the long run. Proud of the achievements you have made.

  5. This is what hard work and resilience brings forth, indeed you are an inspiration to many am proud of you.

  6. Soldier on young man,may your humble begginining be an inspiration to young generation to dream & achieve their expectations, God has a lot in store for you

  7. I am happy to read this here. He was my class mate in moo University what a coincidence to have studied in the same university!!

  8. Your story truly inspires me.
    I can’t fail to acknowledge your hardwork and determination. May the Almighty God bless your future endeavours.

  9. Quite encouraging Steve, handwork really pays. don’t stop there. peruse further up and take a bigger challenge, you can do it brother, i do reconcile with your comments having worked for Equity for over 9 years and later I&M, having also gone through my MBA through JKUAT Mombasa ( Finance). it has been an amazing journey.

    At the campus, its beyond academics, its a bigger family, in depth experience and friendship too. its more than you expect from a Kenyan public university in service and quality , the leadership of DR Fridah and earlier Dr Mugambi and the team there is amazing. not to mentions the COD’s hands on approach.

    congratulations .

  10. Am inspired by your journey and encouraged to take up the challenge to undertake the same course which I had postponed for a year as I meditated on it. I can now confidently say that Project Management it is. Kudos and God bless you in your journey! Dr. Fridah, there’s no other like you and you know that the Almighty has continued to bless you.

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