Programme Management

The programme will be led by Dr. Daniel Ndaka Sila from JKUAT (South) together with Prof. Marc Hendrickx from KULeuven in the North. Each project with the programme will have a project team with a leader from the South and North respectively. The team is supported by the respective project team leaders and members. A summary of the project leaders is given in the Table below including the Programme Support Unit. The team will constantly liaise with the Vice Chancellor JKUAT and all the Deputy Vice Chancellors during the period of implementation.

S.No Programme/ Project Flemish Team JKUAT Team (Local)
1 Programme Coordinator Prof. Marc Hendrickx Dr. Daniel N. Sila
2 Project n° 1 Prof. Geert Angenon Prof. Stephen Githiri
3 Project n° 2 Prof. Marc Hendrickx Dr. Daniel Ndaka Sila
4 Project n° 3 Prof. Christophe Matthys Dr. Florence Mumbi Kyallo
5 Project n° 4 Prof. Wolfgang De Meuter Dr. Stephen Kimani
6 ICOS Mr. Tupac Calfat
7 Programme Manager Dr. Peter Kahenya