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  1. Hi,

    I am really interested in the campus to undertake a Masters in Development Studies. I am been interested in this area of study and now happy to learn that it is offered in this campus which is the nearest centre for many of us from Turkana County. Thank s a lot and kindly include more in the website about the centre especially all the contacts of the relevant persons.

  2. hi,
    Do you offer school based programs? I wish to take A course in Education. Kindly let me know.

  3. Am Mr. Mang’eni, would like to access comprehensive fee structure for MSc. Molecular and Cell Bioinformatics. Can i get it from your offices here at Kitale compus please? Thanks.

    • Hi Mang’eni,the fees structure are found at the main campus due to the fact we don’t offer the course at our campus.Visit the main campus website and log into your school and download the fee structure(www.jkuat.ac.ke)

  4. hi,I wish to study bachelor’s of business Administration but am from humble background and my parents are not able to finance my studies. I therefore kindly ask if the management will help me get HELB at least once in every academic year.

  5. Hello,what are the detailed requirements for a masters in public health? I have just finished my Bachelors degree in the same field,do I need to have graduated or will transcripts and a completion letter suffice? Regards.

    • Hi Paige, you need to have graduated and also what honors did you get?because if you got a second lower you need to have three year working experience, but if you got a second upper you can be admitted so i advice you to follow the guidelines.

      Best regards

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