July 2016 postgraduate presentations


A student presenting his work


Prof.Gregory Namusonge and Dr.Elizabeth discuss during the presentation


Prof.G.Namusonge,Dr.E Nambuswa and Mr.R. Wandera listen to a student

The postgraduate presentations were done on 8th and 9th August 2016,it was chaired by Prof.Gregory Namusonge and Dr Elizabeth Nambuswa also present was Mr.Robert Wandera.

3 PhD students presented their seminar papers and 8 students presented there proposals.

15 Masters students presented their projects and 29 students presented there proposals.


postgraduate presentation May 2016


Supervisors during the presentations


Postgraduate students follow the presentations

Postgraduate students at the Kitale CBD Campus had their presentation conducted on 12/05/2016.This was facilitated by supervisors from the main campus and Kitale Campus supervisors. The supervisors were:-

1.Dr.Willy Muturi-Main Campus (Chairman)


Supervisors listening to a presentation by a student

2.Dr.Michaeal Iravo-Nairobi CBD Campus


A student presenting his presentation

3.Dr.Elizabeth M.Nambuswa-Kitale Campus

4.Dr.William Sakataka-Kitale Campus


January 2016 student orientation


Students follow proceedings keenly


Deputy Director Mr.Patrick Sichangi addressing the students

the January 2016 student orientation was conducted
and the deputy director Mr.Patrick Sichangi chaired the orientation.Also present were section heads ie Mr Duncan Nyabery (Examinations),Ms.Catherine Otiende(Academics),Dr.Nambuswa(Post gradutes),Mr.Samuel Githinji(Librarian).

The deputy asked the students to follow all the guidelines that were explained to them by the section heads,and to put a lot of efforts in their academics.


Post graduate and undergraduate listen to the speeches











October,2014 student orientation


Mr.Alex Khemba the current JKUSO chairman gives a word of encouragement to the new students


Students enjoy refreshments during the orientation


Mr.Patrick Sichangi ,the Deputy Director gives his speech to the new undergraduate students



Students  orientation that was held on 1st October, 2014.The orientation was chaired by the Deputy Director.

The Deputy Director opened the meeting by welcoming all the new students and also passed his regards on behalf of the Director who was away on official duty.

The meeting was also attended by Mr.Robert Wandera,(In charge of programs),Ms.Caterine Afandi,(Adminstrator Academics),Mr.Samuel Githinji,(In charge library).

The Deputy Director emphasized to the students to follow JKUAT policies and be an example to the other students who may want to join the institution.He also encouraged students to advice those who are willing to join JKUAT to do so since JKUAT stands out the best institution among its competitors.

He also promised that more programs will be introduced in the campus since the campus had acquired more space in the new building and thus learning wont be a hindrance to the students.Also highlighted was the issue of introducing short courses that will help boost the revenue collection for the campus.

A student center will as well be established ,so that the students can enjoy facilities within the campus.This  facilities will entail: A Cafeteria,Games,Television etc





Kitale Campus 6th presentation of Masters Students Projects/Proposals


A student presents his presentation

Kitale campus held its 6th post graduate presentations on 9th October,2014.The presentations were held at the campus premises with a total of 40 students doing there presentations.IMG_0066


The board of supervisors listen keenly as a student presents

The board of supervisors comprised of: Prof.Gregory S. Namusonge (COHRED), Dr. Maurice Sakwa (COHRED), Dr.Yusuf Kibet (SHRD), Dr.James Ngaruiya (Director, Kitale CBD), Dr.William Sakataka (SHRD), Mr.Partrick W. Sichangi (Deputy Director, Kitale CBD).

Students were told to follow the right guidelines as stipulated by the JKUAT procedures  as on how to write projects and proposals.









Fire fighting training conducted on 22/01/2015


The facilitator taking the participants through the training


The Director Dr.James Ngaruiya giving his speech to the participants

The fire fighting training was facilitated by a team from the JKUAT main campus.During the training the participant were taught on how to avoid fire and how to react in case a fire broke out.Different equipments were displayed and how to use them was taught in case a fire broke out.The Director encouraged the participants by informing how safe and important the training was,be it at home or at work.


The facilitators during the training


The participants who attended the training led by the Director


Student Orientation January 2015


The Director Dr.James Ngaruiya talks to the new students


Deputy Director Mr.Patrick Sichangi gives a word to the new students


The new students follow the proceedings keenly

The orientation was conducted by the Kitale CBD Director also in attendance were Deputy Director Mr.Patrick Sichangi, Dr.Geoffrey Kimutai,Ms.Betsy Rono,Mr Robert Wandera,Mr.Duncan Nyaberi,Ms.Catherine Afandi and Mr.Samuel Githinji.The student were advised on how to carry on with there studies and also focus on the way forward since JKUAT is there to build and strenthen them in the society as a whole.Also they were told to advice there peers who may want to join JKUAT to do so, since the university is set to open many opportunities through inovation and therefore many can be benefit.



Class representatives meeting with The Director

IMG_0683[1]IMG_0715[1]The JKUAT Kitale campus students had a meeting with the Director Dr.James Ngaruiya including some staff members and discussed the way forward as was to be beneficial to both the students and JKUAT as a whole.

The director emphasized on the need of students paying there school fees because that was the back bone of the running of the campus,because some of the needs that the students demanded were determined on how they pay there fees.He also encouraged them to visit his office in case their were urgent issues that needed to be discussed.

Class reps

The Director hands a trophy and certificate to the outgoing JKUSO Secretary General Mr.


The Director hands a trophy and certificate to the outgoing JKUSO Vice Chairman






Students orientation May-August 2015


Students go through the program during the orientation


Mr.Robert Wandera speaks to the students

Students orientation was conducted at the campus premises headed by the Deputy Director Mr.Patrick Sichangi ,also present were Mr.Robert Wandera,Ms.Catherine Afandi and Mr.Samuel Githinji, who spoke to the students concerning the various departments they head within the campus.

Issues concerning student affairs were explained by the interim JKUSO committee members who were present during the orientation.The deputy Director emphasized on the need for students to be well behaved and also spread the good news about the campus to the outside.He also explained why it is important for the students to pay fees so as to have all the facilities  put in place.