PhD in Supply Chain Management

The program is offered to prepare students in the emerging areas of supply chain to the highest level. This will also develop quality academicians, researchers, consultants and help develop supply chain talent.

The doctor of philosophy program in supply chain management target master’s degree students in purchasing and supply or any other relevant business discipline including
•Academicians who wish to further their education in supply chain management.
•Researchers who wish to upgrade to upgrade their research and analytical skills in supply chain.
•Practitioners and consultants in supply chain management.

A candidate must satisfy any of the following:
•Be a holder of master’s degree in procurement and logistics from JKUAT or its equivalent from a recognized university.
•Be a holder of master’s degree in a relevant business field from JKUAT or equivalent from a recognized university.

The program is offered in 3 academic years and a student must complete within a minimum of 3 years or a maximum of 7 years:
•The first academic year will comprise of 6 course units offered in two semesters
•The second academic year will comprise of 3 course units in the first semester and commencement of thesis in the second semester.
NB: Courses are offered in terms of units each with a series of 45 contact hours.

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  1. I have admission letter for Ph.D in Supply Chain Management. Kindly email me the courses that am expected to cover.


    • Hi Mauki,
      About your request I’d like to redirect you to this same website under department tab, click on Social Sciences and you’ll find contacts of the COD and his clerk whom will be in more better position to help you in that regard.
      Thank you, and visit our page again.