Ph.D in Human Resource Management

The program is tailored for students to the highest level of studies in HRM. These will help students lead consult or teach in the field of human resources within a complex and global business environment. The program is designed in that it advances the professional development of experienced human resource management graduates and professionals.

•Masters degree students in HRM
•Academicians who wish to further their education
•Researchers who to upgrade their research and analytical skills
•HRM consultants
•Business professionals wishing to develop their HRM talents.

A candidate must satisfy the following minimum requirement:-
•Be a holder of a master’s degree in HRM from JKUAT or its equivalent from a recognized university. Or
•Be a holder of a masters degree in a relevant field with a human resource option from JKUAT or its equivalent from a recognized university provided such candidates shall have passed in the prescribed prerequisites course units at masters level.

The program is offered in three (3) academic years within a minimum of three (3) years or a maximum of seven (7) years
NB: The first year shall comprise 9 course units while the second (2nd) and third (3rd) years will comprise of the thesis