Master of Science in Project Management

This program is tailored in the development and introduction of new products and technology, thus becoming the dominant means by which most countries, institutions and companies execute their strategy and operations. The program has evolved into a skill required by all managers in all areas of business, industry, government and education.

Project managers, members of project teams, project coordinators, senior project analyst, donor coordination officers, company executives and students aspiring to work as project management professionals.

A candidate must satisfy the following:
•Be a holder of a bachelors degree with at least upper second class honors in any discipline or its equivalent from an institution recognized by the university senate or,
•Be a holder of bachelor degree with lower second class honors in any discipline provided the candidate can show proven evidence of research ability  or 3 years experience in a relevant field or
•Be a holder of degree at pass level in any field from a recognized university and has proven research ability, relevant work experience of 5 years and their academic work show that they are well qualified to undertake post graduate studies by passing qualifying examinations.

The master’s degree is offered in two academic years:
The first year comprise 12 course units plus an industrial attachment of 8 weeks
The second year will comprise 6 course units plus a research project.
NB: courses are offered in terms of units; each unit being a series of 35 one-hour lectures and the program will run for four semesters.

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  1. Hey Webmaster,

    Kindly enlighten me here. What is the difference between M. Sci. Project Management and M. Arts. Project Planning and Management?

    • Hi Pauline,
      I can not explicitly differentiate the two as would satisfy you, but to put it simply, a Master’s of Arts degree is a degree option that is focused on areas such as the humanities. Types of subjects where most Master’s of Arts degrees are available are communications, English, teaching, literature, linguistics, art, and languages. While the Master’s of Science degree option is usually for programs that are more focused on scientific and mathematical subjects. These types of subjects include computer science, biochemistry, engineering, economics, mathematics, and public health; simply the science courses. Students that undergo a Masters of Science degree option can expect to be heavily immersed in either or all in lab work, scientific research, analysis, and evaluation. Students that pursue a Master’s of Science degree typically require a thesis, they must defend their thesis through synthesizing the subjects learned and other information gathered while in Master’s of Art option they don’t need a thesis. I hope this information has been of help to you, if you’ve further queries please don’t hesitate to ask.

    • Hi Mulinge,
      You can find those details from the department of Social Sciences. As we work to ensure that its readily available online.


  2. Hello, i’ld like to study Msc in project Management in Nakuru campus…Does the campus offer the course? When is the first intake and date?