M. Sc. Botany

Botany focuses on the extensive scientific study of plants along with their structures, growth, use, and process of all forms of plant life-their evolution, aging, decaying and death. A person, who deals with the study of Botany, is generally referred to as a Botanist. His job involves comprehensive study of flora, which range from the minutest bacteria to the largest tree. – See more information at: http://www.highereducationinindia.com/career-options/careers-in-botany-193.php#sthash.fRQ639DL.dpuf


Holders of at least a 2nd Class Honors(upper Division) Degree in Biological Sciences having studied Botany as a major or regular subject or holders of Second Class Honors (Lower Division) with acceptable evidence of research ability in Botany.

Duration of Study: 2 years