Dr. Atambo Wallace

Dr. Atambo Wallace

Dr. Atambo Wallace

Dr. Wallace Nyakundi Atambo, Ph.D


Lecturer, Postgraduate Co-ordinator – Kisii CBD campus.

Office Number: Ext ;
Email: watambo@jkuat.ac.ke


Ph.D in Human Resource Management – JKUAT

M.Ed (Administration and Management) – K.U

B.Ed (Sciences) – E.U

Post Diploma in Human Resource Management – KIM

SLDP (Strategic Leadership and Development Programme) – KIA (currently KSG)


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2. Atambo, Wallace Nyakundi, EnockOtundo and WilterBosiboriNyamwamu (2013). The effect of perceived work conditions on job satisfaction: a survey of the Ministry of Education field officers, Kenya. Global Business and Research Journal, ISSN: 2302-4593. Vol. 2 (5): 25-41,May, 2013.

3. Atambo, Wallace Nyakundi, Dr. KabareKaranja, Dr. Munene, Charles and Nyamwamu,
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4. Nyamwamu,  Wilter Bosibori,  Atambo, Wallace Nyakundi, Dr. Munene, Charles, and Dr. Okibo, Walter  (2012). Role of employee welfare services on performance of the National Police Service in Kenya: a case of Kisii Central District. Vol. 1 No. 7: 73-95, December, 2012.

5. Awich, Hosea Pala, Dr. Bichanga, Walter Okibo and Dr. Atambo, Wallace Nyakundi (2015).  Effects of Educational Mismatch on Employee Performance: A Case Study of Co-operative Bank of Kenya Ltd. Vol. 4 (5): 1-15, May, 2015.

Professional Affiliated Body

Kenya Institute of Management – Full Member