Courses Offered

Certificate and Diploma programs
Certificate in Business Administration
Certificate in County Governance
Diploma in Business Administration
Diploma in Purchasing and Supplies Management
Diploma in County Governance
Diploma in Public Relations
Diploma in Business Information Technology
Diploma in Human Resource Management
Diploma in Community Development

Bachelors Programs
Bachelor of Science in Human Resource Management (BHRM)
Bachelor of Science in Public Administration and Leadership
Bachelor of Commerce (BCOM)
Bachelor of Business and Office Management (BBOM)
Bachelor of Science in Development Studies
Bachelor of Purchasing and Supplies Management (BPSM)
Bachelor of Business and Information technology (BBIT)

Masters Programs
Master of Science in Business Administration
Master of Science in Project Management
Master of Science in Entrepreneurship
Master of Science in Procurement and Logistics
Master of Science in Micro-Finance
Master of Science in Human Resource Management
MBA (Marketing, Finance, or Strategic Management)
Master of Science in Governance & Leadership
Master of Science in Finance
Master of Science in Finance & Accounting

Doctorate Programs
Ph.D in Business Administration
Ph.D in Human Resource Management
Ph.D in Supply Chain Management
Ph.D in Entrepreneurship
Ph.D in Governance & Leadership
Ph.D in Finance

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24 thoughts on “Courses Offered

  1. Can something be done to help students who have nothing to show for their period in school due to missing result slips and transcripts?Students are really not happy with this trend and to be honest this is actually very frustrating especially knowing how much money we spend in school fees and at the end of the semester there’s nothing to show what one worked hard for. Kindly help.

    • Hi Ruth,
      Thanks for taking your time to give us your complaints, we appreciate because that helps us to rectify. Actually, currently there’s something being done in response to your concern. The management has brought in someone at the Examination’s Office specifically who shall now be working on your raised issue. He is actually clearing the backlog that were there and please if you don’t mind, I’d request you to present your case to our new Examination Officer whom without doubt shall see to it that you acquire all the necessary pending Results Slips & Transcripts. Please don’t be left out while he’s clearing the backlog. Remember the sooner you give him all your details the sooner you shall get your Result Slip & Transcripts.


    • Hi Ruth,
      This is a communication from the Examination Officer, he requesting you if you don’t have your Result Slips please come state which ones cause those ones you can get within a span of 2 days. But for the Transcript he’ll need all your correct names and in a proper order. Please don’t delay in giving him this details, thank you.


  2. Kindly I wish to know the admission requirements for B.COM, Mode of study & fee structure so that I can enroll myself. Finally, when is the application time and procedures.Thanks.

    • Hi Enock,
      We appreciate you in a big way. The requirement for B.Com entry is Mean Grade of C+ (plus) with C (plain) in Maths & English. Mode of Study is Full time but if there’s a quorum for part-time then it can also e offered on part-time basis. The fee structure you’ll be required to be collect it from our Registry office, but the tuition fee is Ksh 55,000/= each semester excluding some charges. It’ll be more clear as you collect the Fee structure on our campus premises at Umoja Elimu center 8th floor.

      • Thank you for your response I had an A plain of 82 points with A plain in Maths and B+ (plus) in English hoping to join you soon because I want to enroll on a parallel program where I hope to school faster in a tri-semester system.
        God bless you.

  3. Hi, I would like to start my PhD in Governance in September but I graduated in August and the certificate will be out by September. Can I apply? I would also prefer Kisii Campus and not any other campus since it is the nearest to me.
    Kindly respond if it is possible.
    Thank you.

    • Hi Rossel,
      We’re sorry for late reply, we’d a technical hitch. The Course you’re referring to is PhD in Public Leadership.
      Now, I regret to say that currently we don’t have that being offered here at Kisii CBD but its being offered at the Main campus, Juja.
      I also don’t have detailed information about the course, I can promise to relay this information to the Chairman in-charge for further directive. But I believe your interest in the course will prompt the soon introduction of the course to this campus. Feel free to inquire more from us.

  4. I am JKUAT alumnus of 2008 graduands. I hold a Bsc. Mathematics degree. However in my current work station am deployed in the Human Resource dept hence I am interested in pursuing a Post Graduate Dip in Human Resource Management. Do you offer the course at your centre? Or any related info will be of great help.

    • How are you Patrick?
      That year we stood together on the same podium and am happy to serve you comrade.
      We don’t offer Post Graduate Diploma in HRM but we’ve Msc. HRM. Now by virtue that you serve as the HR Manager or the Assistant, you qualify to join the Msc. Human Resource Management programme considered you meet basic entry requirements. Be a holder of Bsc degree with Second Upper Class Honors or its equivalent. I hope this was helpful, for further inquires we’re here to serve you.

  5. do you offer bachelor of science in entrepreneurship? what are the qualifications and is there january intake

    • Hi,Currently we dont offer Entrepreneurship,You may apply for Bsc.HRM, procurement and contract management and Bcom.but we offer Msc.entrepreneurship

  6. hy do u offer bcom part time option preferably weekend.can u enter with KATC final or is it a must CPA part II .

  7. Graduated in 2016 with a bachelors of commerce accounting option second class honors upper division from your campus…I want to enroll in masters of science in finance and accounting…is the programme available in the cbd and what are the qualifications and fee structure. Can I apply for May intake?

    • The programme is available,qualification,Bachelors degree with at least Upper Second Class
      Honours or equivalent from a recognized university OR
      Bachelors degree with Lower Second Class Honours plus
      at least two years relevant experience.once you get you admission letter you will get fee structure,you can apply for may intake

    • hi diana thanks for having interest to pursue a course in project management,mode study weekends,evening and full time,requirements for the course please tell us which level

  8. Hi,I scored a C- and I need to do a certificate course in human resources management what are the requirements

  9. hi, i scored a D+ in KCSE and I am currently working for KUSCCO LTD( Kenya Union of Savings And Credit cooperatives) as clerical officer for a period of 10 years. i work in IT Department and i would wish to further my studies in IT starting with certificate level. i am currently stationed at kuscco kisii branch. I have knowledge of computer applications with certificates in word processing , excel. i also have vast knowledge of using computer INTERNET. I need an assistance because i want to enroll immediately for the course if i would meet your requirements. thanks

    • Hoping that still you are referring to CISCO…Apply please, waiting for application to join the course