Courses Offered

The following are the causes offered in the Health Sciences Department:-

4 thoughts on “Courses Offered

  1. I admire the effort to disseminate quality education to locals in western Kenya. Are there plans to offer PhD in Zoology (Conservation Biology)? If you require part-time services in Zoological sciences, am at your service.

    • Hi Joyce,
      We very much appreciate your interest in the development of our campus. I believe with the continued growth of the campus more courses shall be introduced.
      Meanwhile, I would like to request you to bring your CV and relevant documents to our campus in Kisii Town at Umoja Elimu Centre building on the 8th floor to the Health Sciences dept for consideration when the opportunity arises.
      Welcome once more.


  2. Hello

    I have a student with B- in KCSE and wishes to take Bachelors in Public Health. Will you consider him with a D+ grade in Maths?


    • Hi Esther,
      We appreciate your interest and we welcome you. Now the overall mean grade is good but Maths seems to that student down, the best way to overcome this challenge is to enroll in a Bridging course in Maths which only takes three (3) months to accomplish and the student will be freed to have even more options in terms of courses he/she wishes to do.
      You can apply now and enroll with us in Jan 2016, then he/she will be admissible for the Degree program the following semester.