Bachelor of Human Resource Management

The Bachelor of Science in human resource management is designed to achieve the following:
a. To develop a theoretical and technical understanding of Human Resources Management concepts and practices and the ability to cope with future developments in these areas.
b. To enhance ability to tactfully deal with both long term and short term HR issues of an organization
c. To instill a critical and integrated understanding of HR practices, with a firm foundation  in related areas such as economics, ethics ,information technology, organizational behavior and business law.
d. To prepare the students for progression to higher degree work and research in Human Resource Management and related business areas.

Secondary school leavers, who have attained the minimum qualifications for university admission and who wish to start a carrier in business and management. The programme is also open to persons in employment who possess relevant qualification for admissions to a degree programme who may avail credit transfers subject to SHRD BACH 2.

All bachelor’s degree courses shall be offered in EIGHT (8) academic semesters organized in four academic years. A student will be deemed to have passed an academic semester after successful completion of all the units of the semester. There shall be one attachment at the end of third year taking (8) weeks.
Each semester will have maximum of nine (9) units and a minimum of seven (7) units.
Courses shall be offered in terms of units with one unit consisting of a minimum of 45 contact hours. For this purpose a one-lecture is equivalent to a two-hour tutorial or a three-hour practical period or an equivalent amount of other assigned study or practical experience or any combination of these that may be approved by the university senate.

Candidates wishing to study for the bachelor’s degree must satisfy the minimum university and SHRD requirements for admission.
a. Be holder of KCSE (or equivalent examination) certificate with minimum aggregate of (C+) and a minimum  of C in mathematics and a minimum of C in English except where specific programme requirements for cluster subjects are different  in which case  the programme requirements shall apply.
b. Be a holder of KACE certificate with a minimum of two principal passes and subsidiary pass in general paper and a minimum of credit pass in mathematics at KCE except where specific subjects are different in which case the programme requirements shall apply.
c. Be a holder of a diploma with a credit pass in a relevant discipline from an institution recognized by the university senate.
d. Be a holder of any other qualification accepted by the university Senate as equivalent to any of the above.
Possession of the minimum requirements does not guarantee automatic admission to the bachelor’s degree.