BBIT prepares candidates to become specialists in the information technology needs of the modern business. It’s designed to meet the increasing demand in the market place for IT professionals with a wide knowledge of business management, technical skills and the capacity to harness and implement IT strategies taking advantage of emerging technologies.

Secondary school leavers who have attained the minimum qualification to start a career in IT

A candidate must;
Be a holder of a KCSE (or equivalent examination) certificate with a minimum aggregate of C+, minimum of C in mathematics and any group 1 unit and a C- in any group 2 or 3 unit Group 1 English/Kiswahili  Group 2 Chemistry/Physics, Biology Group 3 Geography, History, CRE.
•Be a holder of  KACE certificate with a minimum of two principal passes and subsidiary pass and a minimum of credit pass in mathematics at KCE or
•Be a holder of diploma in any relevant field from an institution recognized by the university senate or
•Be a holder of any other qualification accepted by the university senate as equivalent to the above where the candidate may be exempted from year one of study.

All bachelor degree courses shall be offered in 8 academic semesters organized in four academic years. There shall be an industrial attachment at the end of year three. The program will run for a maximum of eight semesters.


  1. I wish to inquire if you have other branches offering the same COURSE apart from Kisii CBD. Perhaps Mombasa or even Juja.

    • How are you Benjamin,
      We appreciate your interest in our programs, welcome.
      Yes, we’ve several branches across the country; they’re namely Main Campus Juja, Nairobi CBD, Westland, Karen, Mombasa CBD, Nakuru, Eldoret, Keiyan (at Kilgoris), Kakamega, Kisumu and now Kisii CBD campus within Kenya. Additionally Kigali and Arusha campuses.
      This program Bachelor of Business Information Technology (BBIT) is offered in all these campuses. You can find which is most convenient for you.

    • Hi Mteeve,
      We’ve courses like Diploma in Information Technology, Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, Bachelor of Science in Computer Technology, Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, and Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Computer Science all having several programming units spread across the learning period. For any further clarification you can send your inquiries thru to me (the Webmaster) or you can visit our offices at Umoja Elimu Centre building on 8th floor for more information.

  2. Hi,
    I have done a Diploma course in Human Resource Management/Personnel. Is it possible for me to shift and do Bachelor of Business Information Technology? Eldoret.

    • How are you Mercy?
      Indeed yes, you can join any course of your choice as long as you’ve the correct entry requirements. But since the Diploma course you undertook is not related to your intended course (BBIT) you won’t have the privilege of joining in the course in the Second year. For further inquires don’t hesitate to ask me the Webmaster or visit our offices at Umoja Elimu Centre building at 8th floor in Kisii town Or you visit the nearest campus near you; i.e. if you’re in Eldoret, visit JKUAT Eldoret campus.

  3. Greetings,
    I have done a Diploma in Information Technology KNEC, but I missed the credit aggregate with one mark. Am currently working and would wish to enroll for part-time classes, Nairobi. Will I get exempted for those subjects that I got a credit and above? What if not, exactly how long will it take me to get my BBIT degree?

    Kind regards,

    • Welcome Grace,
      Thank you for taking your time to talk to us.
      Just to point out, we only exempt students who have passed with Credit pass the First year of the course they enroll in i.e. they join in the second year of study. Unfortunately, if you didn’t score Credit pass and above you may not be exempted. Now considering that the would take the normal time period of study which is four years but on accelerated study you can finish the course within three years.
      Additionally, there are a times when they exempt students who got below Credit pass i.e. those students who have worked in a busy environment related to their field of study for at the least three years. So if you’ve attained a working experience of three years and above in busy recognized institution, then you can qualify for exemption of the first year of study. I hope this information was helpful to you, if you’ve queries you’d like us to address don’t hesitate to ask. If you’re in Nairobi as you’ve stated, we’ve campuses around there Nairobi CBD, Westlands and Karen campuses. You can find the one which is more closer to you.

  4. Hey..I was undertaking Bridging in Maths and I applied for BBIT and have not received the invitation yet. I had qualified but there has been a delay because I’ve been waiting for the past 2 weeks. Please advice.

    • Welcome Steve,
      First and foremost we apologies for any delays and inconveniences caused. You didn’t specify when you applied but if I may assume that you’re a late applicant then we’re yet to receive those Admission Letters. But if you applied earlier on, please visit our offices specifically the Registry office and check for your Admission Letter. If only I’d your full names i could have confirmed it for you. I can only urge you to visit and get more clarity on the same. Please hurry the classes have already commenced.

  5. Hello,
    I’m Christopher, I started by doing BCOM in Cooperative University can I change and join the BBIT course in JKUAT?

    • Hi Derrick,
      Welcome, there are exceptions but in the following manner.
      If you attained a Credit or Distinction pass in your Diploma (I presume you did a related and relevant course to BBIT or BIT) from a recognized Institution then you’ll be eligible for enrollment in the 2nd year. Thus being exempted all units of the 1st year. I hope this information is helpful.

  6. The BBIT course units are different from the ones students are pursuing in the new syllabus since January 2013 intake. Visitors on the website are getting wrong information on the course units to undertake.
    Concerned BBIT student.

  7. Hi m a student undertaking bachelor of business Information technology and would like to transfer from main campus to Westlands campus for part time classes. What are the procedures I should take.

  8. I wanna do this course but in my cluster marks I missed the mathematics part so can I bridge it then do the course because I really wanna do this course

    • Thank you for choosing jkuat kisii cbd,tell us your names and which course you applied we check your application status,then we will communicate fully,regards

  9. Hi!
    Am Kadhengi.
    Can i use a certificate in ICT with a credit pass to apply for a BBIT programme in your campus.

    • hello,If it is a certificate you can apply for diploma in IT,if diploma you can apply for the BBIT or BIT

  10. Hello,
    Am in the process of choosing the right course for me to join University . Can you kindly identify the units offered in BBIT in the 4 academic years at JKUAT

    • Hi,After third year,you proceed to attachment for 2 months,then you resume as a forth year student.Thank you

  11. Hello,
    I would like to know whether you accept certificates from IAT, coz I would like to apply for BBIT as well as hoping to get exemptions. Had done DBIT

    Also, I would like to do a certification in Network Securities, what are the requirements? I’m I late for the Sep 2017 intake?

    • Hi Renee,
      We appreciate you. Now, I’d like to say IAT is a recognized institution. Though I would caution you that, exemptions are no longer available due to the changes in the Education Ministry as directed by the Cabinet Secretary across the Country. It’s my believe that you won’t stop joining us regardless.
      Concerning undertaking a Certificate in Network Securities, I would say we’re yet to enroll the program. But for starters, you can join CISCO and build up. Sep intake at this point is closed, Jan intake is open and you can apply as early as now.

  12. Hi
    Please i need help. i have got an Associate Degree in Business Information Technology, so i would like to know that how many years to take to get to a masters Degree

    • Hi Jey,it depends on the qualification if have a diploma with pass you will take 3 years or 2 years if scored credit in your diploma

  13. I did BBIT,which masters course would you recommend for me to take?
    Or will certification be better than masters..?..need your advice

    • Hi William,
      We’re sorry for these delay response. There are courses you can pursue like MSc. in Computer Systems or MSc in Information Technology. Certifications are always almost mandatory for persons pursuing a professional career. Whichever path you take, impact on that society.


  14. Hi, I have a degree in Computer Science from KHEU can I enroll for Masters in Business Information Technology?

    • Hi Peter,
      First, we don’t have a course in Masters in Business Information Technology but rather Masters in Information Technology. Other details can be further clarified by the Administrator or Head of Department upon your visit.


    • You can do it in our JKUAT kisii CBD Campus and proceed to diploma on the same course,thanks

  15. Hello what happems when an institution grading sustem is wide where apass to some extend is a credit in some institution do u use the points in that case? Coz u find another system the same pass is credit or lower credit in that line??

    • Hi, i hope its BIT,Its open and Jkuat BIT course its comprehensive you will do all units and at the end you will realize your interests in a specific area because the course its detailed.thanks

  16. Hi, I would like to know the difference between IT and BBIT and which between them is more marketable and highly recommended

    • All courses are marketable,IT:All units done during the course are purely on IT,networking,computer maintenance,programming,web development and other areas in computing BBIT has both IT units and Business units which when combined bring new IT and business related solutions.

  17. I have a diploma in Business Management with a credit pass, can I join for a degree course in Business information technology?

  18. I finished FM 4 last year and I af been posted to this university,I like the school. how will I receive the communications,,,,then what will I be required to come up with on the admission day?

  19. Hello,I am Sam.I attained a mean grade of B- 59 points but had a c- in ,mathematics.Can i still enroll in BBIT regarding that i had B+ in Business studies??? And what is the fees for E-Learning please??

    • Hi,E-learning is offered at JKUAT main campus,concerning will check to update you,you only need to bridge maths then start your course

    • Hi Gabriel,
      Thanks for your interest to JKUAT. Yes! You can join but it depends on your KCSE Certificate. You can have a combination of your KCSE results with your Diploma Certificate to apply for BBIT. Though depending on how you’ve performed you can be allowed to start from 1st year; no exemptions for you.


  20. Hi, I’m a BBIT student in Meru it possible to transfer to to JKUAT and continue pursuing BBIT from 3yr?

    • Hi James,
      Thanks for your time to communicate with us. Credit transfer across University is a bit challenging currently. CUE is currently working on modalities to formalize that though no obvious framework is in place.
      It is possible to obtain a transfer but i’d like to request you to visit our JKUAT Main, COHRED Offices and be guided from there.


  21. Hellow! Is their Distance learning or e-learning for the BBIT course especially at Mombasa Campus

  22. I have diploma in IT and passed with distinction.
    Can i register for Bachelor in BBIT and how long will
    take to finish the course…? Also i want to know the total fee!

    • Hi Gordon,
      Congratulations for your pass. Yes you can. Since we give exemptions for Credit and Distinction passes, you’ll join from 2nd year. As for the fees, revisit our webpage and click on links provided for you on fee structures against your preferred course.


  23. What will happen for the attachment in an event I enroll for the programme as an employed student and I cant get the two months for the attachment…(Postgraduates)

    • Hi Mackreene,
      Attachment is part of the academic course work. It is graded and awarded. Thus the fact of whether employed or not, doesn’t arise. If attachment is omitted the student is deemed not to have completed course work.


  24. Hi am applying for BBIT online but the email for subsequent process has not been sent yet for me to pay via m-pesa

    • Hi Philip,
      The process for applying online is given on that admission’s web page. A video clip has been provided too to give assistance in case of difficulties. Revisit the webpage and reread the instructions.


  25. HI,
    I’d wish to know whether if you would like to be best in programming and information technology, or an expert in information technology, is it advisable to pursue a degree in bbit?

    • Hi Fred,
      All course are good. Though I’d say, each course has its target group. What you need is provided in the course though your concerns are more of personal nature than that of the course. BBIT has business component integrated in it. Thus having an inclination towards business and entrepreneurial knowledge, yet still an individual undertaking BBIT is required also to be sufficient in programming and an expert in information technology.