Department of I.T & Maths

The Department of Information Technology & Mathematics through its Chairman, reminds all the Postgraduate students undertaking MSc Computer Systems that they shall be having their project presentations as on 14th of May, 2014. They’re also reminded that their proposal documents should be signed by their supervisors on time and meet all other requirements needed. For more inquiries please see the Chairman of I.T & Maths Dept.

Incoming Admission Letters.

This is to alert and notify the incoming new students that the first batch of Admission Letters are out and ready for collection. Nonetheless, if by any chance you find that your name is not in the list of this first batch, please be patient. There are still 2nd and 3rd batch of Admission Letters yet to come. For further information or clarity please visit our offices at Umoja Elimu centre building on the 8th floor.

Result Slips & Transcripts!!!!

Attention!! Attention!! Attention!! Attention!!!!! This is to bring the attention to all students in the Social Sciences and Humanities Department that their Result Slips and the Original Transcripts are ready for collection. All undergraduate and postgraduate students are requested to visit the Department and pick their Result Slips and Transcripts at the department desk. If any queries arise, please lounge it with the department Clerk as quickly as possible to facilitate faster processing of the same.  

Word of Welcome.

The Director Kisii CBD campus welcoming all staff and students to the new May-Aug semester of 2014, and gives his thanks and cooperation given to him in the previous semester. With the renewed energy gained during the past small holiday session for the students, its another chance to embark on this new semester with vigor. Its a chance yet again for the students to make a mark or milestone in their academic life. The goals and the aims still remain alive for all who made their resolute to achieve them.

May Intake, 2014.

Advertisement For All of The Programmes This is an advertisement to all our esteemed customers that you may apply for the courses in various disciplines at the respective departments in our campus. Health Sciences: Health Science Brochure Social Sciences: Information Technology: Programmes at Kisii Campus: We would like also to welcome the incoming new students in a special way. Regards from the campus Director; Prof. John O. Memba and his Deputy; Prof. Johana K. Sigey and with all the campus fraternity.