Jomo KenyattaUniversity of Agriculture and Technology’s Eldoret CBD Campus is located in the Central Business District in Eldoret Town. This is an ideal location which has made it easy for the clients to locate the campus. It’s easily accessible from all directions and secure throughout the day and at night.
The campus came into the town when other campus had already started offering their respective

programmes but as done out to be the most preferred campus to most clients due to its accessibility and of course the high quality and its integrity in training. Our vision is to be a campus of global excellence in training, research and innovation. We are making giant strides in accomplishing our vision and mission.
Our programmes are affordable and tailor made for part-time and full-time students. We have evening and weekend classes for those engaged in other activities and would want to further their studies. The campus runs three semesters in a calendar year which enable the clients to plan their study programme without fear or worry of disruption. The campus collaborate with the main campus in most of its activities especially on academic matters.
Our student population which is registered for Doctor of Philosophy, Masters, Diploma and Certificate courses offered in a conducive environment is diverse. Students choose their leaders through a transparent and democratic process and every student has an equal chance of leading others.

The student leaders are facilitated through leadership training, workshops and seminars to harness their leadership skills.
We operate on an open door policy which ensures that any student who has an issue is sorted out soonest.