The Importance of Learning Sign Language


Sign language is a medium of communicating your thoughts and ideas through the facial expressions, hand shapes and finger spellings.

Why is this this an important skill and communication tool? Well….

“It’s so noisy you can’t hear each other.”

“The wind is howling and you can’t yell load enough to be heard.”

“It’s raining so hard that you can’t open your mouth and talk without sucking up water.”

“The fire-fight is so intense and loud that you feel you might have been rendered temporarily or permanently deaf.”

“The crowd of people screaming is deafening and you are too far away from each other to hear what each other is trying to convey.”

“You are being held by harmful people at gunpoint and you want to make a plan of action to save your lives, but speaking is not an option”

“You are moving as quietly as you can through possibly hostile areas in SHTF, and you want to communicate from a far distance without speaking and disclosing that you are there.”

“You come across someone injured and/or that may strengthen your group, but they are deaf and you can’t communicate with them.”

“You meet someone and you like their smile, but you cannot communicate with them because they are deaf and you don’t know sign language.”

“You are lost or in need in some other way, and the person that can help you is deaf and communicates through sign language”.

“You are far from a loved one in a large area, but you can see each other visually, so you can communicate even if cellphone systems down.”

Great skill to possess!

These are just a few of the circumstances where it would be beneficial to be able to communicate with one of the 70 million people that utilize sign language everyday, or for tactical use. We never know what skill may be useful in a number of different situational variables of any particular scenario. Something we find simple these days in our own skill-set, may elevate us to the highest of value if we are of only a few that possess that skill when it is in great need.

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