Department of Human Resource Development

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  1. I would like to join your Nairobi campus in May, but I would also like to learn more about the business courses available and the fee structure and the deadline for application. I would also like to know if accommodation is available for your students. I also would like to know the minimum requirements.
    Thank you in advance. I am hoping for your positive response.

    • hi Joyce,
      the requirements for the course are indicated on the advert. on the accomodation there are hostels around which are reasonably priced. you can visit the campus for more info.

  2. What department and faculty is the master of development studies? Must one have an undergraduate in development studies to enlist?

  3. Hello, I need a postgraduate diploma in Human Resources management…Must I go to the main campus or you got it there and the CBD campus?Thanks.

  4. Is there a PhD programme for Project Management?? and if so, how is it structured (research-based or a blend of research and coursework)?? What are the minimum qualifications and fees structure??

  5. My name is elvine,i was a student doing diploma in business information technology,i differed for one whole year n now i want to continue bt can’t access my fee statement please help

    • Hi Elvine,

      You can access the fee statement from the website pse visit the campus and see the accountant. i have spoken to them you should get your statement.


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