MIZERO Adrien


Abimpaye  Monique


Aimable  Sibomana


DUSHIME  Augustin


Kalembe Ann


Kamana  Roger



Mugiraneza Philippe


Murungi  Christine. Muriithi


Muteteri  Asia.Ngango

Mwangi  Lawrence Gitau

Nibyiza  Fabiola


Niyikora Sylivere


Ntebutsi Semanana.Elie


Nuwagaba  Fredie

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Uwingabire  Marie Claire

Wanderi, Ephantus.Ndirangu

A Hybrid Approach to Reduction of Packet Loss in Wireless Sensor Network

A Survey and Analysis on Classification and Regression Data Mining Techniques for Diseases Outbreak Prediction in Datasets

(2015) The influence of CD4 level at the antiretroviral therapy initiation on survival time among children living with HIV in Rwanda.

(2015) contribution of branding in enhancing performance of tourism sector in Rwanda

(2015)Queuing model for healthcare services in public health facilities a case study of Muhima district hospital Kigali

(2015) contribution of branding in enhancing performance of tourism sector in Rwanda


(2015) parametric and non-parametric design based tests analysis of the level and differentials of household consumption expenditure in Rwanda 2010-2011

(2015) Assessment of community preparedness to sustain water supply services in Rwanda a case study of Migera-3 water supply project.
(2015) Effect of consumer centric marketing on performance of hotels in Rwanda Case study of 2 and 3 star hotels and 4 and 5 star hotels categories in Kigali

(2015) Electronic banking and financial performance of commercial banks in Rwanda

(2015)The Effects Of Risk management At Project Planning Phase On Performance Of Construction Projects In Rwanda

(2015) Analysis of project scope change management as a tool for project success case study of akazi kanoze projects.

(2015) Multiple logistic regression modeling on risk factors of diabetescase study of Gitwe hospital (2011-2013)

(2015) Assessing the effect of project activities on its sustainability after its closure a case study of proba Ngororero District

(2015) Factors affecting the implementation

(2015) Saving and credit cooperatives(SACCO’S) services’ terms and members’ economic development in Rwanda a case study of Zigama SACCO ltd

(2015) Modeling factors associated with intimate partner violence against women in intimate partnership in Rwanda

(2015) Assessment of direct support projects on socio-economic development of low income earners in Rwanda A case study of Kicukiro District.

(2015) Evaluation of factors influencing total quality management implementation in Rwanda construction companies case study of fair construction company.

Anthony Luvanda
proposed framework for securing mobile applications from man in the middle attacks
Anthony Luvanda
Identifying Threats Associated With Man-In-The-Middle Attacks during Communication between a Mobile Device and the Back End Server in Mobile Banking Applications
Anthony Luvanda
 Knowledge based model for Islamic inheritance
 Anthony Luvanda
 Impersonation Challenges Associated With E-Assessment of University Students 
jakkie kibachia & Anthony Luvanda
 Anthony Luvanda
 Lack of awareness on mobile banking end users IISTE 
Mbabazi Mbabazize
Relationship between environmental accounting indicators, macroeconomic indicators  and sustainable  development indicators in developing countries: journal of economics
Mbabazi Mbabazize
A Socioeconomic Determination Of The Impact Of Volcanoes National Park
Mbabazi Mbabazize
The Role Of Foreign Exchange Risk Management
Mbabazi Mbabazize
Economics Of Integrated Weed Management In Soybean
Mbabazi Mbabazize
The Anglican church in a bid to raise income among the clergy….
Mbabazi Mbabazize
The importance of building organizational cultures…
Mbabazi Mbabazize
Capital Budget Practices In Developing Countries

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