Dream Boys on why they are back to school (JKUAT KIGALI)

Dream boys Jkuat students

Dream boys. Jkuat students

JKUAT KIGALI IN NEWS. Rwanda’s leading music duo, Platini Nemeye and Claude Mujyanama popularly known as Platini and TMC respectively, recently returned to school for further education. Nemeye is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Mass Communication, while Mujyanama is a master’s student of Project Management at Jomo Kenyatta University, Kigali.

“We have a big vision for our music project, and education is the key. As artistes, our role is not only to entertain but educate the masses through our songs, and build our country. By becoming professional artistes, we can improve our career to benefit the society,” said Mujyanama.

Nemeye , 28, has a degree in Journalism from the College of Arts and Social Sciences (CASS)—former University of Rwanda, where as Mujyanama, 28, has a degree in Applied Physics from Rwanda’s College of Science and Technology (former KIST).


The stars are pursuing postgraduate studies at Jomo Kenyatta University, Kigali. / File

The group gained popularity with their 2011 single titled, Iteka ni iteka. Prior to that, they had released Isano and Isezerano singles. Their career has been on the rise with awards, endorsements, and numerous singles credited to them. They already have six albums out, and they are also brand ambassadors of one of the leading telecom companies in Rwanda.

The duo, however, believe that acquiring more education will help them manage their music group and expose them to better opportunities outside the music arena.

“We do not want to limit ourselves to music only but we believe that expanding our knowledge can lead us to greater heights. There is more that we can do than mere singing. This initiative was also done to inspire the youth that look up to us, and give a proper image to the public about musicians,” Mujyanama added.

The group’s latest single titled, Bucece, was released and they are working on their seventh album

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