Library New Arrivals

We would like to kindly inform the JKUAT ARUSHA Centre community that there are new books which arrived in the library recently.

Click here to view the titles of the new arrivals.

3 thoughts on “Library New Arrivals

  1. Thanks… for internet access director! and for the new books arrivals.i would like to requst IT books also…..i have hope and faith.thanks

  2. Teaching and learning materials is one of the challenges that are facing the higher learning institutions in Tanzania. JKUAT has at least started to address this challenge. I hope that what JKUAT has started will be sustained. Does the centre allow somebody who does not belong to JKUAT (Arusha Centre) community to use the library? Do you have any conditions for that? Wishing you well. (Cell: 0766-337540).

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