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There are three intakes in a year, January Intake, May Intake and September Intake. Admission is usually done to all Intakes for all programmes except bachelor degreee programmes which is done only once in a year, ie. September Intake. All applicants should apply directly to JKUAT Arusha Centre. Application forms can be downloaded from the website on JKUAT Arusha Centre link and they are also available at the Centre upon payment of a non-refundable fee of Tsh. 45,000/= for Masters, Tsh. 20,000/= for Ordinary Diploma courses and Certificate courses.

Application fee should be deposited directly into the account. Kenya Commercial Bank, Arusha Branch. Account name: JKUAT ARUSHA CENTRE, Account no. 3300451426. The Centre shall NOT accept cash payments but will instead accept pay-in slips from the bank. Enquiries or Applications accompanied by copies of relevant academic qualifications should be submitted to:

The Director
JKUAT Arusha Centre
P. O. Box 16857
Arusha- Tanzania

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  1. 5JQ7vBD0WgQQ..

    what ar the programes offered to certificate and its qualification to those programes.

  2. My KCSE certificate bears the names Samuel Mwangi Kenemo, but the name Mwangi wasnt mentioned on my birth certificate since It given to me later after birth registration. When I went to collect my passport the name Mwangi was omitted and replaced by John, my father’s name. So my passport bears the name Samuel John Kenemo. Will that be a hinderance to my admission?

    • Hallo Samwel! That won’t be the hindrance for your admission, but I would like to advise you to have the legal documents with the oath taken which will prove and show that all those names are yours.

  3. Good Afternoon JKUAT team

    I applied for a september intake 2014 and i have being out of the city for 3 weeks

    I would like to ask what is the status for the intake,

    mostly about registration


  4. Greetings,
    i have seen other Universities releasing the names that were sent to them from TCU!
    I chose JKUAT as my 1st choice, where can i see if i am selected, please help

  5. Dear JKUAT staff,
    I am still waiting to hear from you about September degree course 2014 intake.


    Abraham Charles Nathanael

  6. Dear JKUAT,
    Am I allowed to visit your office so that I may get more information about this years admission for degree course, as I live just nearby.
    Abraham Charles Nathanael

  7. Hello,
    I am interested in PhD in Entrepreneurship offered by your main campus.
    Can I study that from your Arusha Centre? Let me know if I can start this year as well as the fees.

  8. I have a diploma in Human Resources Development from ICM (Institute of Commercial Management in UK), 5 passes in O-LEVEL, Certificates from VETA in Commercial Arthmetic stage 1-11, Commerce I-III, Bookeeping I-II, Office Practice I-II, English Language I-III and I have passed ATEC I (NBAA) examinations may I know am I allowed to join a degree in your university.

  9. I passed well o level.I had division Two point 21.but unfortunately high school I it possible for me to start a diploma ?I had 3 B..D 4
    ..C 3.

    • If you have at least 1 pricipal pass you can be enrolled to Pre-University Programme for one year and then continue with degree courses, otherwise you will have to start from Certificate level

  10. I recently completed my CPA (K) course. Currently I am on assignment in Arusha for about two years or more. I would love to take the Bcom degree course.Is it possible to take this course or part time basis after work

  11. Hi out there.

    am eager to know of whether your institution offers Msc PH as i wish to join you at the Arusha center,let me know plz.

  12. I was interested to join post graduate diploma in Human Resources
    But I was disappointed to be told that you are no longer offering that course bse you have always been receiving a minimum number of students,I would advice that you take the details of those come to enquire about that course i then once you have enough column you can still contact and start a class.Again its better to introduce as much as business courses in all levels.

  13. please assist me i acquired my secondary education in kenya and i had c+ in my result and i wish to take DBA .

  14. Hi

    Hope all is well with you, I would like to know whether i`ll be qualified to join with Diploma course at Arusha Campus and i wish to take DBA. I acquired my secondary certificate in
    Tanzania i had division 4 with 5 pass (D). I also had a certificate of Tourism with grade (ii A) is this possible to join with January intake.?

  15. 1. Chance for those wants to study for evening .
    2. Program for certificate offerd on arusha campus?
    3. Deadline for applicattion on each category .

    • Evening programmes are available, and certificate programmes are offered at our center. Each intake has a deadline, see our advert for September 2017 Intake.

  16. Hello
    I want to apply for Bachelor in Commerce Evening classes,I have a diploma in Accountancy with GPA 3.1
    I know i am a bit late but i want this.
    Please Advice
    Look forward to your prompt answer.

  17. Hi I would like ask that I applied for postgraduate diploma course yet no feedback I applied this year please asking that I need to know if I can join or not

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