About Us

The Centre’s Vision
“To be a University Campus of excellence in Training, Research and Innovation for Development.

The Centre’s Mission
“To offer accessible quality training, research and innovation in order to produce competent leaders in Management, Information Technology, Enterprise Development, Community Development and Tourism Industry to suit the needs of a dynamic world and contemporary regional economies.

The Centre was established after the JKUAT- University council meeting of June 3, 2010 approved the business plan presented to it, but it was not until March 30th, 2011 when the Tanzania Commission for Universities (TCU) gave us the Certificate of Provisional Registration to offer higher education in Tanzania. JKUAT is the first public university in East Africa to open a centre/campus in another country in the region.

As a centre of JKUAT we are guided by the university’s vision and mission that is, being a university of global excellence in training, research and innovation for development, and to offer accessible quality training, research and innovation.

Being in Tanzania we are obliged to follow the host country’s regulations pertaining to the provision of higher education, while at the same time offering a Kenyan curriculum. A few challenges are clearly ahead of us, chief among them being Tanzanian system versus Kenyan 8.4.4 system. We are trying to take advantages of each of these systems rather than focussing onto their respective shortfalls so that we give our students the best education. We have come up with new programs at certificate and diploma levels as a way bridging the gap as well as forming a firm base for diploma and degree programs. In this regard we have introduced Business English as a short course of 12 weeks for the purpose of improving the language skills of people who are already working in various sectors such as tourism, teaching, etc. One of our most popular programs is Communication Skills in English at diploma and certificate levels which are 2 years and 1 year long respectively.

Generally, the population in the country has received our presence with excitement and a sense of optimism. However I am sure they are watching if we are going to deliver what we are promising. After our initial advertising in mid May for July 2011 intake, the response was promising with about 50 registered students for certificates and diplomas. In the second advertising in late August 2011 for September 2011 intake, we admitted about 50 more students for our programs including Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) and Bachelor of Business Information Technology (BBIT). In January 2012 we admitted our first Postgraduate Diploma in Project Management (PGDPM) and in September 2012 we added Postgraduate Diploma in Human Resource Management (PGDHRM) to our list of courses.


  1. Lecture Rooms: We have 11 lecture rooms, JKB5-1 to JKB5-10 in Block B Summit Centre, with a total capacity of about 500 students.
  2. Library: A library which can hold up 60 students.
  3. Computer lab and IT facilities: the centre has a computer lab with a capacity of 30 computers.

Altogether the seating capacity of the center is about 640 students.