Application for May and September 2012/2013 Intakes

Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) is one of the leading Kenyan public universities known for training professionals in a wide variety of disciplines. JKUAT has opened a centre in Arusha offering a number of programmes. The JKUAT ARUSHA CENTRE is at OLORIEN MTOTO HOUSE about 3 kilometers from Arusha city centre at Olorien off Njiro road. The centre is registered with the Tanzania Commission for Universities (TCU). Applications are invited from qualified applicants in the following programmes for 2012/2013 academic year.

Click HERE to download the full advert.

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338 Responses to Application for May and September 2012/2013 Intakes

  1. Immaculata Kadyanji says:

    Dear Sir/madam,

    I am very much interested about your college, i have read about it on a website. I would like to know if you have hostels at Arusha and how much does it cost per year because in future i would like to study at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture – Arusha Branch.

    Also I would like to know if the medium of communication is English at your college because I would like to improve on my English.

    How many installments do I supposed to pay school fees?

    Hope to hearing from you.



    • Kagashe says:

      thanks for your interest in studying at our Centre.
      we don’t have hostels but we have made arrangements with local hostel owners for our students to be accommodated.
      of course medium of instruction and communication in general is English and we believe you stand a better chance to improve your comm skills in English with us.
      school fees, you can pay in two installments in each semester.
      you are welcome!

      • mwantum says:


        dear sir /madam
        for instance I get an opportunity to join your university ….will I get a hostel without any difficulties…I mean like are the local hostels free for occupation?

        • Kagashe says:

          there are a lot of private owned hostels in the neighbourhood that are accepting our students. therefore, accommodation should not worry you.

    • Sanga Isaac says:


    • Paul Mbiti says:

      Please I would like to know wether you can offer a Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication.



    • Kagashe says:

      you are welcome to apply for that programme as we’ve just opened doors for applications.
      visit our website for the advert, application forms, fees structure and deadlines.


    and about fees and hostel opportunity

  4. salamba onesmus says:

    hi am looking for admission at your university for public health i need your assistance please am from busia

    • Kagashe says:

      currently we don’t offer that programme at our Centre. try to check for availability of that programme in the main campus or other centres.

  5. HI
    Mr. am diploma holder,with only provision results and my transcript still wee processed may l use them as identifiable of my performance before transcripts provision??

    • Kagashe says:

      i couldn’t understand you clearly but i guess you meant you have only provisional results with you. well, for degree programs application you will need certified copies of your originals (transcript and dip certificate) because it’s not only for us to decide but TCU is also involved. since there is still time, i suggest you wait till you get your documents right then you apply.

  6. reagan gladson says:

    i am a private sector employee wishing to join your college for masters program…please tel me if you offer evening class programs and how much will cost me for tuition fee?

    • Kagashe says:

      thanks for your interest in joining us! currently we don’t offer master’s degree programs at our Centre. however, we offer postgraduate diploma in project management. for master’s you can try to check at our main campus or other campuses in Kenya.

  7. Emmanuel Massawe says:

    To whom it may concern.

    I am Emmanuel, working with Catholic Relief Services….I am interested to join JKUAT Arusha centre for short course on SPSS….when can this course happen…how much it cost….duration of the course….mode of delivery.

    The Organization I am working with would like to offer me this course…so your quick response on the above shall make way ease.


    • Kagashe says:

      the course starts in May 2012. however, the course can start anytime when applicants reach the quorum (10). currently two of you have showed interests. i suggest you check again with us when the application deadline, for May 2012 intake, approaches so that we can give you more details.

      • Emmanuel Massawe says:

        Thanks for…reply…will keep in touch…hope you have my email address so that you can update me of the status….

  8. Rozina Tryphon Mwahengera says:

    I am planning to join your University for a Certificate course in Accounting, Finance and Management. Please may I know how many semesters are there for the course and how much will I pay in one semester?
    What is the cost of the available hostel near the facility?

  9. likinjiye valenanga says:

    dear sir/madam
    iam a student at Tumaini university,doing bachelor of education arts the second year now.iam asking if i can be allowed to do the diploma in one of the following; public relation,business administration,business information technology, and certificate in accounting finance and management for online or part time students.
    iam looking forward to hear from you
    Thanks alot and God blees you.

    • Kagashe says:

      hi there!
      we don’t offer online courses at our centre. however, you can be allowed to join part time course of your choice so long you meet minimum entry requirements as given out in the advert.
      you are welcome to apply!

    • likinjiye valenanga says:

      thanks very much for updating me about your procedures but i want to know how long will the short course will take because from the beginning of July up to the end of September i will have a holiday so i want to use that holiday to update my knowledge at your university
      thanks again and let God bless you!

    • Kagashe says:

      you can apply as a part time (evening) student.
      you are welcome to apply

  10. sharifah says:

    hi, do you offer masters in project planning and management?

  11. mark kimeu says:

    hi. i would like to join j-kuat and study for degree in mass communication, could you please sent me or provide the link to have the aplication form for may intake

  12. Joe says:

    Hi hallo i would just like 2 enquire if there wuld be another intake after the may one and when?

  13. Gwamaka says:

    Hello! I’ve finish ma secondary education in kenya with an average grade of “B” and i would like to persue a degree course in B.B.I.T .SO my concern is to know the fee structure of the course.please help me with that.

    • Kagashe says:

      the fee for BBIT is Tsh. 1,980,000/=. However, there are other administrative charges that will be specified in the letter of offer once you get admission.


    I’d like tu join jkuat for commerce is dere any vacancy

  15. Gwamaka says:

    Is the, 1,980,000/=, B.B.I.T degree fee per year or semester? And when is the deadline for application.

    • joshua says:

      thankx alot for opening your branch here in tanzania expecially here in i would like to know that,is post graduate diploma in human resource will start this year?and how will it be delivered?

      • Kagashe says:

        PGD in Human Resource will be offered this year from September 2012. Applications are going on. By asking “how will it be delivered?” what do you want to know exactly so that I can be of help??

  16. clinton lunzalu says:

    is there may intake for engineering courses

  17. clinton lunzalu says:

    how long does it take for addmission form to be sent to one who has applied?

  18. mwachi says:

    kindly give the fee breakdown, over and above the 1980000/=. Approxmately how much is it in total

    • Kagashe says:

      Hi, the degree fee is splitted into 2 semesters and what you have is only the tuition fee for the while year.
      The 1st semester you will pay 1,221,600 and the second semester is 1,190,700

  19. roselyne indesia says:

    Ive trained as it support technician through Cisco certification at African center for women information and communication technology.i would like to advance.So do you offer distance learning?if yes how much is fees.

  20. stephen ngige says:

    hallo i would like to study a masters degree in entreprenuership or masters in project management. i hold a bed in education second lower with 5years experience as a banker,underwriter and currently working in an ngo as a business officer.

    2rdly i would like to know if i can get intouch with your career office for more information and assistance in choosing a suitable course for me.

    3rd i would like to know if i can pay me fees in installments ie four installement.

    my email

    my emaol

    • Kagashe says:

      currently we don’t offer any master’s degree at the centre. however, we have postgraduate diplomas, entrepreneurship being one of them.
      for assistance you requires, you can call us through our numbers in the contact us page or visit our centre on the same.
      yes you can pay your fees in installments.

  21. george mwita says:

    am hoping to take a degree in computer science at your campus. Firstly do you offer it? secondly is it possible to study it as part time program because i work in a private institution to get my school fees.

    • Kagashe says:

      we currently offer Bachelor of Business Information Technology which will give you the best of both worlds i.e. business and IT. it is possible to study as a part time student.

  22. malima says:

    am certificate holder can i join at your collg for bachelor programe?


    Hi! do you offer masters in Human Resource at Nairobi CBD campus? is there intake for september for the same?

  24. cleopas says:

    am interested to transfer to your main campus am doing civil engineeri.g 2nd yr
    is there a september intake for undergraduate and what are the requirements
    Please Advise

  25. Juma Mganga says:

    I am the holder of O-level secondary education certificate with three credit “C” in Civics,Biology and Kiswahili, and three pass “D” in history,Geography and English. Also having worked with an ISP as a network technician for more than 3yrs.According to my qualifications is it possible to join for certificate in Procurement or IT.
    Juma AM

  26. Geoffrey omondi says:

    Am interested in studying dip in IT. Are ur may intake on?

  27. sam jowi says:

    if the required quorum is not reached for a particular course am i allowed to select another course? if no, then am i refunded…


    Do yuo have entrees for diploma graduate in Electrical engineering, If any what are the requirement.

  29. Catherine says:

    Hi, am a diploma holder in community development and would like to join your college for a degree in development studies or project management, what are the requirements and the fees?

    • Kagashe says:

      You must have passed your Diploma with a credit or distinction.
      The fee for 1st semester 1,221,600 and the 2nd semester is 1,190,700 for three years.
      We don’t have a degree in Project Management maybe you take Development studies.


  30. Frank says:

    Hi, am kindly askn wen is one supsd 2 apply 4 da septmber inteks 2012?

    • Kagashe says:

      You can apply anytime from now. Download the form from the website and pay for it 30,000 at KCB Bank.
      The account number is on the forms.
      Send the filled forms together with the bank slip to us before the 2nd week of July


  31. alphonce james says:

    am a student at mzumbe university taking certificate in information communication technology… interesting in joining jkuat arusha center for degree program of information communication am i allowed to join for degree direct from certificate

  32. mohammed t j says:

    do you have msc accounting or supply and supply in kenya if i have advanced diploma in accounting is it possible to be awarded postgraduate diploma in accounting or postragraduate in entreprenuership and tell me the duration of all postgraduate course a one year or one and half year to fininsh it
    if am apply in kenya and getting admission is it possible to continue in your centre of arusha for postgraduate course
    the short courses are offer for how long 3 months or at what duration

    • Kagashe says:

      There is MSc. Procurement and logistics at main campus.
      You can apply for postgraduate diploma in project management or in entrepreneurship which is a one year course.
      Applications form are found on the website together with the account number on it.
      Pay for it TSh 30,000 at KCB bank and send if to us together with the bank slip. This will be for September intake.


  33. HERRY LING'ANDE says:

    Hello sir/madam………!
    How is work going? Well i was asking if the admissions for diplomas for the academic year 2012/2013 have already been made, if not when is the admission? I would like to apply for Diploma in Business Administration.
    I expect an early response from you.
    Have a nice day..!

    • Kagashe says:


      The applications are going on.
      Note that Diploma in Business Administration, you must have passed in Mathematics at O-Level.
      Download the form and pay for it 20,000 at KCB bank and send it to us together with the bank slip before end of June.That will be September intake


  34. HERRY LING'ANDE says:

    Hellow sir/madam
    My name is Herry Ling’ande,I have completed my form six examination
    this year(2012), I have got division 3 point 17 taking EGM with
    S-economics, D-geography & F-mathematics, I was asking if with those
    results I may be able to get admission to your university under
    Bachelor in Business Administration in Marketing or Bachelor of commerce in marketting. My o-level results
    I had 5 credits including a C in mathematics.
    I’m expecting an early response from you.
    Have a nice day.!

  35. zamelina zabron says:

    my name is zamelina. I got C-English,C-Geog,C-Hist,D-Math,D-Kisw,D-Civics,D-Biology in form four exam. Can I apply for diploma at your University?
    With regards,

  36. ibaran wairu says:

    I have certificate in business studies but in form four i got F in math. is it possible to apply for Diploma?

    • Kagashe says:

      yes you can be admitted provided that you graduated from a recognized institution with a Credit or Distinction in your Certificate programme.

  37. george says:

    hi i am a student at jkuat karen.I have just finished my diploma in business information technology and about to join degree level forseptember intake .can i transfer to your campus?

    • Kagashe says:

      yes you can join our centre provided that you meet minimum entry requirements for the course you wish to pursue (a diploma with at least credit pass). you will need to apply however, to us through application forms that are available at our centre or on our website.

  38. geofrey kenneth says:

    hi… am a form six leaver this year.. sorry may i apply through TCU for bachelor this year or you have been set off from the central admission.. thankyuuu

    • Kagashe says:

      jomo kenyatta university of agriculture and technology is registered with the TCU so you are welcome to apply to us through the TCU’s central admission system.

  39. glory says:

    hey,i,ve competed ma adv level in kampala and wanted to join your collage for bachelor.can i apply with my kampala result slip or its a must i change them in Tz form?help me know if its that necessary. . .good day

  40. helga says:

    hi….i have completed my form six having c in geography, d in history and s in economics and i want to take bachelor of business information technology in your university and i had a c in mathematics in o-level……is it possible?

    • Kagashe says:

      in order to be admitted into Bachelor of Business Information Technology Maths is required in your A-Level studies. You can be admitted into other Bachelor degree programs though like BCom.

      • helga says:

        yes i studied basic applied mathematics in a-level as a subsidiary subject because of economics

        • Kagashe says:

          for bachelor of business information technology (BBIT) we need a principal pass in mathematics. basic applied maths does not satisfy BBIT entry requirements. i suggest you apply for other courses as i’ve told you earlier.

  41. Gwamaka says:

    Does the university offer MASS COMMUNICATION coarse?

  42. naserian says:


    am a kenyan married in tz. a holder of a diploma at KIMs , with a D in my O Level. i want to join jkwat for my degree in enterpreneurship, do i qualify? kindly le me know


  43. magesa says:

    i am asking if there is possibility of shifting from one centre to another one for diploma course. eg from kisii to arusha centre or from arusha to kisii

  44. Dotto Steven says:

    HI,dear sir
    I am a girl i completed my secondary school in kenya at Immacurate heart juniorate and scored mean grade c- with a Din mathematics will i apply for diploma in DBIT at your university?.

  45. kris ijeoma says:

    Hi I am a Nigerian with a BSc in Microbiology, second class holder. I wold like to enroll for Msc Immunology for the 2012/2013 academic session.
    I would like to know if i can still apply, cost, accomodation, please.

  46. Juliana william says:

    l have completed form four having 3 d in eng, kisw and bible knowledge can l apply for sertificate of english in communication skill?

  47. Ruth Mumbua Ngao says:

    I am requesting for assistance.I would like to apply for September intake to bridge mathematics,is it possible?I would be grateful if you consider me,thank you.


    sir or madam
    my name is jackline harryson kinabo ..age 21 .i would like to take evening class at jomo kenyata university .taken diploma of bussiness admistration …i finish my form four national examination with division four and ther after i took certificate of sales and marketing but also ther i study accounts ,public relation ,and also comunication skills at east africa training institute ..
    i hope i wil get the chance to study at your university for the september intake should i bring my certificates ..? am waiting for your replay
    yours faithfully
    jackline harryson ..

  49. Been looking for admission information Kenyatta university, want to join Masters of Hospitality and tourism, plz help me with the procedures and deadline. use my email address’ to feed me back as am not sure of visiting this page again

  50. george says:

    can you name atleast one hostel in arusha we can google or contact to see the state…

  51. shadrach hygwelo says:

    how and when r we getting our info about joining the courses on september

    • Kagashe says:

      your question wasn’t that clear but i will try my best. if you haven’t applied and wants to then visit our website at for information. if you have already applied to join our courses then information will be communicated to you via your address indicated in your application form. if you applied to us through TCU, information will be sent to you once TCU releases results.

  52. almas omary says:

    i sorry to know about hostel and cost in hostel

    • Kagashe says:

      hostel cost in which majority of our students reside in is 400,000/= per year. you can call these numbers for more info 0717386534 or 0763597260.

  53. Caroline says:

    am Tanzanian but I did my O level in Kenya. I had A mean grade of C. D Mathematics, C in English, C+ in Geography, C in Kiswahili, C+ History, C+ Agriculture studies and D in commerce. am I in apposition of applying any Degree course? if not which Diploma course should I apply for? Please help me, am interested to join your campus. (BBIT,or BCOM) OR (DBTI or DPSM) Your quick reply will fasten my application form delivery.

    • Kagashe says:

      You must have had a mean grade of C+ and a C grade in Maths for you to join any degree. For the Diploma case i.e DBIT and DPSM, you must hav a C- in Maths for you to be admitted into them. However, you can be accepted in the Diploma in Community Development.
      Welcome to apply!

  54. mercy says:

    i have a diploma in tourism management from msa polytechnic and passed with credit pass,my question is ,do you offer hospitality and tourism courses and if so,is it possible for me to join in second year and have it on distance bases since am working or what do you advice. thanks

    • Kagashe says:

      we don’t offer that course at this Centre. My advice to you is that you check in the main campus website if that course is being offered there or not.

  55. Patrick mulandi says:

    Hi! sir/madam,i want to know whether your university offers diploma in bcom (purchase and supply)and what are the qulifications.

  56. Kindly advice accordingly.With a Certificate in Automotive Engineering and a graduand in Technical education(Instructor) on 25th July 2012,an official graduation ceremony at Kenya Technical Teachers College(KTTC),will be possible applying for Bachelor of Supply Chain Management(option;Transport and Logistics).Preferably,part time either at Nairobi CBD Center or Juja main campus.That is,with a few documents at hand including a cover letter/transcript from my college.Hereby,beating the September intake application deadline.

  57. tabby wambui says:

    hi,i studied and completed Diploma in IT 2009/2010 at zetech college but jkuat programme and i didnt graduate due to some issues and i now want to continue with degree at jkuat in nairobi town.pls advice me.thanx

  58. Mildred Kerebi says:

    are the forms for the physically challenged persons still available for the September intake?

  59. Kevin Tsuma says:

    Hae, am interest in this schl, so I wonder if i cn get a chance to join the Nairobi campus.
    Am interested in doin (electronics and electrical engineering-Diploma) bt ma I doubt ma KCSE results, so hw u goin 2 hlp mi out..?

  60. Asingwire Annah says:

    Hello, am a Ugandan and i would like to know where to get the application forms for September intake. I want to apply for masters in art and design(weaving). please let me be highlighted. thank you

    • Kagashe says:

      i suggest you visit the main campus website for that info as this page is for arusha centre and we don’t have that program at the centre

  61. opondo collins says:

    i applied for bridging course in maths 2 weeks ago at jkuat nairobi campus in kangemi and i would like the letter of admission not to be posted to the box number i provided but instead i request if its possible for me to collect it personaly.

  62. opondo collins says:

    may i know when the admission forms will be ready for collection for those who applied for bridging in mathematics at Nairobi compus for the september intake.

  63. Please would like to know about your Bachelors of medicine and surgery program. I am a diploma holder from Uganda (Mulago Paramedical Schools) for 2012/2013 intake. when to apply and how much , if possible send me the office line for Registrar’s office. please reply me on my email. thank you.

    • Kagashe says:

      i suggest you visit the main campus website for more info as this page is for arusha centre and we don’t offer that program of your interest.

  64. hi is it possible to get admission at the school of law with a diploma in law although my results have not been fully processed?

  65. peter otieno says:

    Hey, am currently a student at KCAU kisumu and have just visited your website i would like to join you at JKUAT in kisumu i did CIT and am now in stage 5 how will consider?

  66. carol says:

    I would like to send my application form for the academic year 2013 – 2014 May intake it is possible. Or should I wait until next year?.

  67. onchiri rodgers says:

    Dear sir/madam
    i have just completed my certificate course and i would like to join your campus for diploma but the results are not yet out will i have a chance?

    • Kagashe says:

      i suggest you check with us when your results are out as we can’t process your application without your results.
      if you will miss the September 2012 intake then you can apply for January 2013 intake which I’m sure by then you will have your results with you.

  68. ochu says:

    jfU0zQ9xnez hi! i want to join with your university this year(Arusha centre) with post graduate diploma in project management,but i fail to apply due to my delaying certificate of my university of dar es salaam(UDSM)but stil i want to join you,please can you concider me as a special case?i am leaving at Arusha,

  69. Evans kemboi says:

    Hi, i wuld like to join jkuat n study analytical chemistry. Waz asking if tha intake is still on and if not when is the next intaking going to be. Thank you

  70. Harold Abdiel says:

    my name is Harold Abdiel i am Admitted to your collage in Bachelor of business and information Technology
    i would like to know if you have Hostel and the date i suppose to report
    Also can i download your prospector? Thank you

    • Kagashe says:

      Admission letters are being prepared and will be sent to admitted students through addresses indicated in their applications in the course of this week.

  71. Umar Faruk Abubakar says:

    I want to enroll for Msc Health Information Management if I am late now for 2012/2013 session then for 2013/2014 session how ever there is space for 2012/2013 session am very much ready.
    I hold Higher national diloma In Health Records Administration and Biostatistics,Postgraduate Diploma in Management,MBA Degree respectively.
    Umar faruk Abubakar
    Schoolo of Healh Information Management
    Aminu Kano teaching Hospital Kano

  72. Micheal DiingMachir says:

    Hi there!
    i did finish a three years Diploma in Public Health in 2010 and i worked for two good years. i would like to join this University this year for a Bachelors Degree.
    how many years am i allowed to upgrade this course & how much is the Tuition Per semester?
    hope to hear from you soon.
    Thank you

    Micheal Diingmachir

  73. Keziah onoka says:

    I applied for in biochemistry early august. I met all qualifications bt havnt receive any letter yet n i hear reporting date is on the third,monday. Please advice me on what could be wrong

  74. bonny says:

    when is deadline for MBA? Do you have its intake this september?

  75. Victor says:

    jekLo6XYT0bp hi, am victor a kenyan, i applied for a BBIT course at njiro branch . A’ve benn cheking my mail but haven’t received any letter. Was the pannel only sending the letters through posts alone. I used mount meru university adress but now am in Kenya. Please advise

  76. alex says:

    when does the postgraduate coarse begin and what is the tuition fee per annum and programs do you offer on

  77. Veronicah Jemeli Chumba says:

    May I please know if there is November intake

  78. Aloyce Tumaini Koreiya says:

    Hellow! i need to get join instraction for january 2013

  79. Veronicah Jemeli Chumba says:

    I have done KNEC Exams in secretarial single and group stage three all apart from shorthand which I have stage two. I just wanna ask i can be allowed to join January intake. I hope to do my stage three in shorthand in the near future,.


  80. martin says:

    I have completed my undergraduate engineering course at moi university.I would like to pursue MBA in your campus. I got a second lower and have worked in 3 companies. will this be termed as relevant experience for consideration of a masters degree.
    When are the next intake for 2013 starting?

  81. Veronicah Jemeli Chumba says:

    check my previous message please

  82. vivian says:

    hellow,i have a certificate of community development with B+,i want to apply for the diploma of management administration can i do that? secondly in my certificate i use other name can ichange that?

    • Kagashe says:

      with your certificate in comm development you can apply for the diploma in community development and not DBA as it doesn’t satisfy the minimum entry requirements for DBA!

  83. vivian says:

    sorry in DBA?

  84. kimathi alex says: am form four leaver and i do love jkuat,am planning to apply in your school for January intake 2013..

  85. winstone kazungu says:

    Hi am a diploma holder in community health and HIV/AIDS management who got a credit pass and wish to join JKUAT in January 2013,for a Bachelor in public health. is it possible?and kindly would i know the total fee for the whole course.thanks.

    • Kagashe says:

      at JKUAT Arusha, our next bachelor degree programs intake will be in October 2013 as per TCU regulations. moreover, we don’t intend to offer that program of your choice by that time so suggest you check with other campuses of JKUAT.

  86. Bernard says:

    hi am Bernard from dsm i finished my o level study and got div four and my pass mark as follow English -C and ol other subjects I got D expect mathematics I got F can i join diploma level in January intake plz reply soon.regards

    • Kagashe says:

      for you to be eligible to join our diplomas you must have at least three C’s in your CSSE! however, you qualify to be admitted into some of our certificate courses!

  87. kinyunyi says:

    Hi. i hold an advance sec. certificate with 3 principlepasses in all the 3subjects i.e economics, commerce and accountancy,and therefore wishes to join you for “Bcom”, so do i qualify? also asking the intakes you offer in ayear(when and when) for Bachelors?

    • Kagashe says:

      for bachelor degrees we have only one intake (in September) as bachelor degrees’ applications are done through TCU’s Central Admission System (CAS).
      with your three principal passes at A-level you do qualify for our BCom.

  88. Eva says:

    are you having intakes going on now? january intakes

  89. walter says:

    hello, in january 2013 which courses will you offer in certificate level? and if i want to join either certificate of community development or diploma in community development whats are the minimum entry required?

  90. Humphrey Mutajuka says:

    I would like to know exactly which qualification do you need to join a bachelor degree program as mine I have a diploma in Business Management and Administration obtained from Cambridge International College through distance learning. Kindly advise me on this and if possible I would like to join you for may 2013 intake!
    NB:- Do you have evening programs?

    • Kagashe says:

      we will need to see the content of your diploma before agreeing whether it satisfies our minimum entry requirements for our bachelor degree courses. we have day and evening classes.

  91. Roseland Shiramba says:

    Point of inquiry

    I am a parent who wishes to have my child considered for admission in the Engineering class if possible in January.Av just learnt that your ast intake took place in September.

    Can secure a place for my son?

  92. panky says:

    i would like to join your college for masters next year, have you started the masters programs

  93. Ruth Saflova says:

    Hae i would like to join your campus in january 2013 and do any course that deals with information technology like business in information technology please consider my request

  94. GEORGE OSORE says:



  95. kiprotich says:

    Hi my name Kiprotich Toroitich currently am working with Kenya Prisons. I am Certified Credit proffesional part2 section4. which examined by KASNEB. these are units which took while I was at school
    following are the papers contained in each level of the CMT examination:

    Paper No.
    1. Fundamentals of Credit Management
    2. Introduction to Law
    3. Entrepreneurship and Communication
    4. Principles of Management
    5. Business Mathematics

    6. Economics
    7. Fundamentals of Information Communication Technology
    8. Marketing and Customer Relations
    9. Foundations of Accounting
    10. Law Governing Credit Practice

    CCP Part II section2

    Financial Accounting
    Taxation Theory and Practice
    CCP Part II Section 3
    Management Information System
    Financial Manageme
    Advance credid managment
    CCP Pasrt II Section 4
    Company Law
    Quantitative Analysis

    i would like to join your college for degree next year, please through my E-mail adress

    • Kagashe says:

      I suggest you check with the main campus regarding that because it seems like you want to join JKUAT main campus and not Arusha Centre! Our next Bachelor degree intake will be in September 2013.


    i would like to join Business Administration Diploma next year,i have to do it while working is it possible for the everning classes?when anothe sdemister start fo the next year?

    thank you.

    • Kagashe says:

      It is possible provided that the number of admitted applicants for evening classes is reasonable (At least 10)
      Next intake is January 2013 and applications for that are currently being processed.

  97. Hello,
    Iam asking if JKUAT Arusha centre offers degree courses, I have completed a Diploma i Clearing,forwarding and port management at Bandari college in Dar es salaam,please kindly requesting you to inform me if i can join JKUAT Arusha centre.

  98. miryam kissawike says:


  99. crispus mutwiri says:

    Hi ..i had registered financial engineering january intakeI have received no feedback,

  100. stanley wambu says:

    want to join the universty

  101. Brenda says:


    I want to enroll in the May 2013 intake of Msc in Development studies. Can I make my application now or wait for the advert. Secondly, in your website, it shows the course is a 2-year course offered at Juja weekdays in the evenings OR weekends. My question is does this mean one has an option of taking the classes either during the weekdays evenings or Weekends (saturdays).


    • Kagashe says:

      currently we don’t offer that course at Arusha Centre. I suggest you contact the respective Campus for accurate information regarding conduction of courses of your interest.

  102. toni says:

    Do u offer mass communication?

  103. Jalala Ramadhani Kalingonji says:

    When will be the final submission of the applications for September intake in 2013?

    • Jalala Ramadhani Kalingonji says:

      When will be the final submission of the applications for candidates who have a diploma course for September intake in 2013?

  104. Emmanuel says:

    I want to join for the September Engineering intakes at Juja Campus. Can you help or direct me please because last year I missed the intakes?

  105. Hamisi Jabe says:

    Dear All,

    I would like to have an admission letter for the september 2013 intake Degree course, Bachelor or commerce. I would like to ask for a sponsor somewhere and the are asking for and admission letter from the university that am expecting to undertake the studies. I would like to submit my application for the adminssion of the course stated above. please provide me with an email to a person who i will be communicating with so i can send the certificates copies to clerify my qualifications for the admission.

    if possible email me the reply

  106. DICKSON says:


    • Kagashe says:

      well, you can apply provided that your principal passes have been specified in the minimum entry requirements for our bachelor degree programmes.
      kind regards!

  107. john kamau says:

    am a Kenyan ,with kcse grade c+..i also did diploma in education ecde in a Kenya college in the year 2012..i would like to join a degree in the same in the arusha campus.i would like to know how long it will take considering that i did the diploma though the results are not yet out.can i be allowed to join second year using my mock results.though i had a c+ in kcse which qualify me to join fist year.and do you have school based programs am teaching in Tanzania.

  108. Domician Joshua says:

    Sorry for distabance?but i ‘ld like to know the way you consider the o’level graduates at your college please?

    • Kagashe says:

      O-Level graduates can join our diploma courses if they have at least 3 credit passes (grade C) in relevant subjects. Otherwise they can join different certificate courses provided that, they meet minimum entry requirements for the courses. To see minimum entry requirements for our courses, visit our webpages at
      Nice regards!

  109. Michipel Jonathan says:

    Hi there?
    I am highly interested in taking a course in computer engineering at JKUAT main campus. The problem is that I have no idea when the next intake will be. Can you please give me a highlight on when this would be. I am joining as a self-sponsored student.

    Thanks in advance.

  110. Clapos says:

    Dear sir/madam

    I want to apply for Diploma in automotive engineering wth O level passes(maths B english B science A) at your college.Can you accept me?

    If so let me know next intake and the period for it.


  111. anold silvesta says:

    AM anold silvesta, possessing bachellor degree ICT&GEOGRAPHY, MAY I study masters of computer science

  112. antony muigai says:

    Hi i finished in 2012 and was able to get a mean grade of c+ can u kindly send a bronchure of engineering coz i am very much intrested in joining

  113. Morvine Awuor says:

    Hi. I want to apply for Bachelor of law. Can l secure a chance even though l have B – in English? Is there any subject require apart 4rm this n wats the grade?

  114. aishaalmahdy says:

    Hello,i have a mean grade of C plain 40points,B- in english and a D+ in maths is it possible to study bcom at your centre or which courses can be offered with these grades.thnks

  115. Tshidi says:

    Dear Sir / Madam
    I am South African and currently studying towards Masters of Management in ICT policy and regulation at University of Witwatersrand,Johannesburg .Basically I completed the coursework and left with the research report . Due to unforseeable circumstances I could not complete the research . Will I be credited the courses that I completed at Wits ? What is the cost / tution of the M.Sc Policy and Regulation

  116. Felix says:

    hi… you offer bachelor in project planning and management…As in main campus

  117. PURITY GICHIA says:

    Hello, i would like to join you for a BSC in Biostatistics having completed a diploma in health records in KMTC and a higher diploma in epidemiology in the same college. Do i qualify for part time classes

  118. Eric echwa says:


  119. moses says:

    hi, i want to study BSC IT part time. Which Branch does offer this?
    i have tried the westlands Branch bt their phones aint working.
    pls assist.



  120. Brian korir says:

    Am a form four liver and i went to my school to get my result slip for kcse 2012….pliz tel me if i would apply without the kcse result slip thanks

  121. daniel says:

    i would like to know if there is a possibility to transfer my credits to your institute.
    current i am studying bachelor in accounting first year and this is my second semester.
    the reason is, i want to study evening program.


  122. I hereby apply for September intake in your institution for a diploma course in information and communication technology. I will be glad given the chance to study in your institution. Thanks in advance.

    • Kagashe says:

      please submit duly filled in application form for your application to be considered. you can as well apply for May 2013 intake as a late applicant if it suits you!
      nice regards!

  123. Mukiibi Donald says:

    Hi I am a student in A-Level in Uganda but I did my O-level and I got 15 aggregates with a D1 in Physics, a D2 in math and a C3 in chemistry and I want to join the university using my O-level results….I want to persue a degree in Electric and computer engineering is it possible?

  124. Noorjehan says:

    hi, i want to study BTEC degree COURSE . i would like to join your campus in September 2013 and do any course that deals with BTEC DEGREE COURSE like information technology please consider my request



  125. Noorjehan says:

    hi, i would like to join your campus in September 2013 and do any course that deals with BTEC DEGREE COURSE like information technology please consider my request



  126. rashidi abdallah says:

    hi i have complite my olevel studs and i have 4pass in my subject and am interested to join at this centre,is it possible for me to join?

  127. kevin says:

    Do u offer a degree in procument and logistics?

  128. mage josiah says:

    dear sir/madam
    i kindly request for the 2013 September shortlisted candidates and also if i ve been considered. thanks.

    • Kagashe says:

      the selection list is not yet out. once the list of admitted applicants is out we will post it on our website and we will notify selected applicants through their mobile phone numbers as specified in their application forms.

  129. queen says:

    i would like to ask if form four graduates with division ii are welcomed to the univresity??

  130. stephen kinyanjui says:

    hi i would like to join your campus in september 2013 and i want to take electric engineering is it possible for me to join?

  131. Sayuni Mwamilawa says:

    I would like join your campus in September 2013 and I want to take Postgraduate Diploma in Project Management,can I get the chance?

  132. Felix obama says:

    Hi! Im a form four leaver and i have obtained a grade B- can i do education arts(business ,history)after scoring them B+ and A- respectively

  133. Memory Magure says:

    Iam applying for August intake in bussiness Management,,,,,i have my ‘O’ and my A’ level certificates and i also need to ask hw long will it take to obtain that diploma

    • Kagashe says:

      you need to fill in the official application form for diploma programmes and return it to the centre for processing. our diploma courses are two years long. welcome to apply

  134. mary mbuthia says:

    my name is Mary and i want to take a course in either actuarial science or computer science in your school and i don’t have the application forms.please help me on where to get the application forms and also the cost for the two courses.
    thank you in advance.September intake

  135. john victor buyu okinyi says:

    am applying for certificate in information technology and am asking how my months will i take to complete my course i have all my documents with me kindly help me do my course am willing to do

  136. edwin says:

    hi, do you offer diploma in public health

  137. James says:

    Hi, congrants for the great job you are doing… your website is just amazing. I have been offered a course in your campus (Computer Technology). I would however like to change the course to do computer science instead. So, is it possible, and if so, what is the procedure?

  138. ishmael says:

    i would like to know if applications are open for electrical and electronic engineering for september intake.

  139. riya amani says:

    hi ?
    i would like to inquire if it is possible for me to join at your university
    i am a diploma and certificate holder of information technology and would like to pursue a degree in computer science or communication and networking .
    the problem is that i lost my original certificate of form 4 and it is a ugandan and its going to be hard for me to get it sooner than the end of this month so i was wondering if i could get a place there then if im sure of it i go to uganda and process another one but i would like to be assured of a place …

    thank you.

  140. I want to ask if PGDPM is offered on weekend.

  141. stellamarris says:

    Dear sir/madam
    i would like to know if you offer bridging courses for Agriculture and Geography in your campus.Also if available fee structure .ready to hear from you.send to my e-mail

  142. David says:

    Hi,if i do ICTT section 1and2 thn CICT sections 2 to 6 examinable by KASNEB,and i have a diploma in IT by CSK,will i be qualified to pursue Bachelor of Computer Science in the main campus? And if yes what will be the duration and also the fees, Am from Embu.Thanks

  143. cathy says:

    Hi,are you currently offering masters in project planing and management here in arusha campus

  144. Nicholus says:

    Hello, Is there a January 2014 for BIT at any of the campuses around Nairobi(CBD, Nairobi, Karen) or at the Main campus? If there is I would like to know the application dates and the fee(BIT). Thanks.

  145. joseph says:

    Will you please clarify what is the Tuition fee for Diploma in Business Administration for the Intake of May 2013? I was made to understand it is Tsh747360.Please also clarify how many semesters are in those two years.
    Many Thanks

  146. michael thoya kingi says:

    Hi,i completed and my Bsc in Civil Engineering last at JKUAT through the Technical University of Mombasa. I would wish to join your college for a masters degree course in water in MAY although I am scheduled to graduate sometimes June this year at JKUAT.Can I use my transcripts to apply?.thanks.

  147. Andrew K. says:

    I got accepted for the MSC in Mass Comm at your westlands campus. unfortunately they lacked quorum in Jan, and it’s likely they’ll have the same problem in May. Is it possible to transfer to the main campus with the same admission letter? I wont have to re-apply will I?

  148. judie says:

    i just completed ma high school and got a mean grade of c+ and would like to join you in sep study for wud lyk to know whether you offer it and how much fees per semester?

  149. max says:

    Hi when is the deadline for September 2014 Karen campus intake?Thank you.

  150. Phyllis says:

    hey, I would like to apply for bachelor of science in financial engineering jkuat main campus how should I go abt it ?? I cleared highskul last year. are there any intakes in sept ??

  151. Sesi Teddy Saisi says:

    I wank joining for September intake of 2014 and I had applied earlier for the courses on this number:0710364745,please confirm my application and reply me or otherwise a would wish joining Jkuat in September intake

  152. jessy says:

    hi,am jessy ,i applied for jkuat through kuccps and i wanted to know whether i have secured a chance in jkuat

  153. erick says:

    Hi, am erick, from arusha i want to aplly communication skills nd i failed in form four i score english D and history D. I joined the college and i pass is this possible for me to join?

  154. erick says:

    Hi, am erick, from arusha i want to aplly communication skills nd i failed in form four i score english D and history D. I joined the college and i pass is this possible for me to join?

  155. brian says:

    I have my 2014 K.C.S.E results with a grade of c plain, kindly i request whether i can persue in diploma of clinical medicine & surgery at your institution compus.

  156. Aggrey says:

    hi i wish to take a course for Atc ni account with a mean grade of D+ and c- maths

  157. Patrick Ndiege says:

    Hi I finish my form 4 in Kenya 2013 and manage to score min grade of C PLAIN currently staying at arusha.need to know if I may join with Kenyan certificate

  158. collins says:

    I had a B- in English and a C+ mean grade……can I do both bridging at the same time with lessons….. or Iam I supposed to start with one at a time??….Iam very worried…. I would like to pursue law in jkuat… me please

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