Solar PV training

BRIGHT Project recognized the need to train solar PV technicians and to accomplish this using a multiplier effect; BRIGHT Project in conjunction with various stakeholders and with the assistance of Solar PV experts from Japan established a Training of Trainers (ToT) course.

Dr. Shiota conducting Hand-on- Training for ToT course in Solar PV technology

Dr. Shiota conducting Hand-on- Training for ToT course in Solar PV technology

So far, Six (6) ToT courses on Solar PV technology have been held in JKUAT for Technical Training Institute (TTIs) lecturers, resulting to 66 trainers from 22 Technical Training institutes (TTIs) all over the country now qualified certified to train technicians and electricians in their respective institutions. There are more ToT courses planned for 2015/2016.




In September 2012, the government gazetted THE ENERGY (SOLAR PHOTOVOLTAIC SYSTEMS) REGULATIONS, 2012. The new regulations stipulate that all technicians involved in the installation of solar PVs must acquire a license from the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) after undertaking an industrial trade test to be administered by the National Industrial Training Authority (NITA). This will ensure that the quality of the solar installations in the country is up to standard and the installations will not fail the consumers who sacrifice to invest in this form of renewable energy.
In response to the above requirements, BRIGHT project collaborated with KEREA to organize a Training of Trainers (ToT) course for the tutors in the TTIs in order to efficiently roll out hands-on training courses to train solar PV technicians expected to be licensed countrywide. BRIGHT Project facilitated the development of the intensive courses by convening experts from the IEET, Electrical & Electronic Engineering department of JKUAT and in consultation with other local and international experts in solar PV technology. BRIGHT Project also prepared the training materials and equipment used for the training and ensured that the course was free for the tutors drawn from ten tertiary institutions countrywide. In the second course held in May 2013, members from both NITA and ERC were also invited to take part in the ToT course in order to ensure the examinations and licensing for the technicians.


Small wind energy training

The 2nd Small wind energy training scheduled to commence on 14th – 18th March 2016 hosted (14) trainers from various Institutions. The ToT training aims for Capacity Development to Promote Rural Electrification using wind energy as source of renewable energy. The training was successful and it recorded the best performance based on 1St SWET.

Following the successful launch of the Solar PV Training of Trainers (ToT) courses for tutors in the TTIs, a similar strategy has been adopted for small wind energy, and the first Small wind Energy training has been successfully conducted in March 2015.

BRIGHT Project convened a workshop on October 31, 2013, at Crowne Plaza hotel in Nairobi that brought together over 60 participants from various government ministries and agencies, acadaemia, private sector and NGOs. The workshop was held to present findings of a survey that the BRIGHT Project had commissioned on Training Needs Assessment (TNA) of small wind energy systems in Kenya. The survey’s conclusion is there is a ready market for short-term training in small wind energy systems since most stakeholders interviewed are willing to pay for short-term courses. It also recommended that a training curriculum for small wind energy systems should be developed in consultation with various stakeholders. The response from the participants was very good. Most participants also expressed willingness to participate either in the development of the curriculum, or the training on small wind energy systems when it is launched. It was a successful workshop with good feedback from the stakeholders, and the BRIGHT Project is now coordinating with the relevant stakeholders to develop a small wind energy systems training courses at JKUAT as soon as possible.