Solar PV

Kenyan Designed Advanced Solar Home System

Practical(Spetember)Kenya’s abundant solar radiation could be harnessed to provide energy in off-grid rural areas through Solar Photovoltaic (Solar PV) technology. Solar PVs were first introduced in the country in 1981, and although more than 300,000 solar home systems had been installed in the country by the end of the last century, only few are still operating today. The objective of this research is to provide answers and lasting solutions to the mass failure of the solar PV systems. The research team will conduct a survey to identify possible causes of failure so as to avoid their occurrence in future. Based on the findings, the team will develop an advanced solar home system that is immune to the identified failures by selecting and developing suitable components suitable to the Kenyan rural set up. The research team will also develop a solar PV curriculum for the existing degree programs, as well as assist other stakeholders to develop curricula for all levels of solar PV technicians in the country, in order to sustain the solar home systems in the rural areas of Kenya.

This Research Project is being conducted in collaboration with Prof. T. Ohzuku of Osaka City University.


For more information about Research on wind energy, contact Mr. Gideon Kidegho, Chief Technologist at Electrical and Electronic Engineering Department in JKUAT (kideghogee(at)