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BRIGHT Project is a technical co-operation between Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) and Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) to develop the capacity of JKUAT in Research & Development, Education and Training in the field of rural electrification using renewable energy, in collaboration with other stakeholders.

Components of the Project

1) Research and Development (R&D) in JKUAT
2) Improving education (coursework and/or student research) in JKUAT
3) Strategic plan to improve training program in JKUAT
4) Promoting collaboration with stakeholders (Academic, Private, Public)

Project Period
Five  and a half years (5.5) from August 2011(Record of Discussion signed on July 7, 2011)

Primary organization of the Project
Kenyan side
JKUAT; Institute of Energy and Environmental Technology(IEET)
Japanese side
JICA (Two Long-term experts, Short-term experts from Ashikaga Institute of Technology (AIT), Osaka City University (OCU) and others in various fields.)

Progress in brief
Currently, there are nine (9) on-going R&D sub-projects in Solar PV (1), Small Wind Energy (2), Biomass Generation (3), Small Hydro power (2) and Hybrid System (1) in progress. These sub-projects are joint research projects where counterparts from AIT and OCU in Japan work in conjunction with IEET, Mechanical, Electrical and Physics departments researchers at JKUAT.


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