JKUAT alumnus excelling in innovation

Mr. Elijah Njoroge

Mr. Elijah Njoroge

Elijah at the VC's office (2)

Mr. Njoroge presenting his first scholarship cheque to the V.C From left : Prof. Wariara, V.C Prof. Imbuga, Mr. Njoroge, D.V.C RPE Prof. Kahangi and Prof. Losenge.

Mr. Elijah Njoroge, a JKUAT Bsc. Biotechnology – Microbiology graduate (2011) is the founder and CEO of Vintage Greens Ltd. Mr. Njoroge started the civil engineering company, Vintage Greens Limited, that specializes in supply and installation of all types of greenhouses and irrigation systems, two years after his graduation from the university.
His company also deals with architectural design and civil/building construction. Vintage Green Limited major clients include JICA, JKUAT, United Nations (UNOPS), Kiambu County Government, Muranga County Government, National Irrigation Board (NIB), Youth Enterprise Development Fund (YEDF), Chinese Academy of Science and Hortnilea among other clients.
In his visit to JKUAT to launch his first Scholarship Fund, he gave a cheque to the Vice Chancellor. He stated that the Scholarship Fund is to help the bright needy students in the institution. In the meeting with the Vice Chancellor Prof. Mabel Imbuga, the 29 years old JKUAT alumnus donated two green houses at the Nairobi and Nyeri ASK Show. Prof. Imbuga appreciated and welcomed his gesture and advised that the other alumni should emulate him and give back to the university.
As a way of giving back to the alma mater, according to Mr. Njoroge, his company has 18 employees majority of them being JKUAT alumni from various professions, which include; architects, civil engineers, electrical engineers and horticulturists.
In other news, Mr. Njoroge had an opportunity to show case one of his innovations from the Vintage Green Limited in the recently concluded Sixth Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD VI) in August 2016, which was hosted in the Assembly Hall at JKUAT Main Campus.
As part of corporate social responsibility, Vintage team has come up with a few innovations to solve problems facing Kenyans. The innovations use locally available resources and are affordable. Here are the list of their innovations and their uses:-
1. Sewage recycling system that combines a filtration unit and a biogister
that produces biogas
Vintage Limited observed that there is a major problem of drainage in Kenya and their system can address the problem.
The biogister has anaerobic bacteria that break down human waste leading to separation of water and sludge and production of methane gas. The gas is tapped and used as an energy source, while the water is pumped to the filtration unit which filters solid waste. The filtration process uses charcoal, sand, gravel and cotton. The filtration stage removes colour and odour from the sewage, the next stage involves purification using chlorine, here the microorganism are eliminated and the water is fit for human use. The water can be used for irrigation and flushing in the toilets.
2. Aquaponic system
The Vintage team system combines fish farming and crop production, waste products from the fish pond is pumped to the plants and used as fertilizer, and in so doing the plants remove/use the waste product from the fish pond in turn cleaning the water which is then pumped back to the fish pond.
3. Ram Pump
Vintage Green have designed a simple and affordable pump that is powered by gravity.
The pump is used to pump water from a river/stream whereby the pump is placed downstream, i.e the inlet pipe is placed upstream and the water uses gravity to get inside the pump. The water is forced into a tank that increases the pressure and the water is forced out through the outlet pipe due to increased pressure which is maintained by non return valves. The tank creates enough pressure that pumps the water upstream through the outlet pipe.
4. Reciprocating pump
This is a very simple pump that only uses two pipes with non return valve,
the pump can be powered manually using a winch/pulley system or using solar
and mortar. The pump is used to pump from underground well.

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