Recognition and Equation of Foreign Qualifications (KNQA)

Dr. Juma Mukhwana – Director General and CEO of the Kenya National Qualifications Authority (KNQA)

The university admission for International Students requires that their foreign certificates are equated to match the Kenyan grading system. The process of equation and recognition for foreign certificates had been initially done through the Commission for University Education (CUE) and Kenya National Examinations Council (KNEC) for the Pre-university foreign degrees and Diploma certificates.
However, through a circular to all the Universities Vice Chancellors, by the Director General/CEO Dr. Juma Mukhwana, he highlighted the mandate of the Kenya National Qualifications Authority that it was set up to promote a better coordination of awarding, recognition and equation of qualifications in Kenya. It read that Section 8(k) of the KNQF Act no. 22 of 2014, they are required to recognize all local and foreign qualifications in the country.

The Memo to the University read in part:

In the recent past we have had a large number of students (and workers) wishing to pursue education (and work) in the country applying for recognition and equation of qualifications from us. The law requires that all qualifications obtained from outside the country are recognized and equated before they are used for admission (into our
colleges and universities) for studies, and also used to seek for employment.

The purpose of this letter is. to bring to your attention that, foreign students (or Kenyan’s who have taken foreign qualifications) need to apply to KNQA for recognition and equation of their qualifications before admission into your programs; and that recognition and equation certificates issued by the KNQA are legally binding. In the interest of promoting internationalization of education in Kenya, we wish to request that if you have any foreign students that wish to pursue studies (at all levels) in your universities, do not hesitate to send them to us for recognition and equation of their qualifications.

End of quote.

By this Memo, the university will like to notify all the International Students to have their Certificates Equated by the KNQA before admission to the University.

For more details You can check out the Kenya National Qualifications Authority by CLICKING HERE

Varsity Holds First International Cultural Day

Students from South Sudan perform a cultural dance

The Alumni and International Students’ Office (ALISO) in collaboration with Jomo Kenyatta University Students’ Association (JKUSA) organized a day long International Students Cultural Event to enable students appreciate the various diversities in the university in instilling global understanding among themselves, Thursday, November 8, 2018.

During the event, students from different countries showcased their cultural activities such as food, dances, art among others.

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Alumni call for the convocation

Dear Distinguished Alumni,

Dr. Churchill Saoke.
Dr. Churchill Saoke. Director Alumni and International Students’ Office (ALISO)

Warm greetings, It gives us immense pleasure to continue everlasting ties with you.  I hope you are fairing on well in your job and carrying laurels for yourself as well as your family and JKUAT; your Alma mater.

I am sure due to your busy schedule you have not been able to find the time to meet and reconnect with your classmates or faculty members since your graduation. I have good news for you;

On behalf of the JKUAT Alumni Association and the University fraternity, your Alma mater, I’m leased to invite you to the 2018 JKUAT Alumni Convocation scheduled for 23rd June 2018 from 8 am in Juja Main Campus. This is a one of its kind event that will seek to act as a forum to re unite classmates, faculty members, chancellors, former vice chancellors and all the graduates of this great university. The theme of this year’s convocation is Strengthening the Alumni network for job and business creation in line with the big four agenda.

This year’s convocation will be like no other, distinguished members of the alumni from various sectors of the economy will be in attendance, in addition alumni will have a chance to exhibit their products or companies. Moreover, this convocation will also seek to inspire and stimulate the alumni community to reenergize their efforts to actively participate in the University’s infrastructural development through mutually beneficial economic models such as pubic private partnerships. We will also establish working structures to facilitate programs on mentorship, advancement and curriculum development.

Mark this date on your calendar and join us to connect with your friends and network with your fellow alumni. To register for the convocation either as a delegate or to exhibit your product/company, go to  feel free to share this registration link with other alumni or recommend to us other alumni who may need special invitations.

We also have excellent memorabilia which you can use as a memory to remind you of the memorable moments while at JKUAT or to inspire your young family members as they strive towards being a prospective student in the best university in the region. The branded memorabilia include; T-Shirts, umbrellas, waist bands, lapel pins, bags etc.

I am sure you will certainly mark this day on your calendar so as to join your adorable friends, lecturers, mentors and your bosom friends as well as classmates.

You are our prized possession and valued ambassador and we crave for your continued association with us. You are an integral part of JKUAT fraternity’s present achievement and future hopes. I truly look forward to meeting you at the convocation and anticipate an enthusiastic response from you.

For further detail please contact JKUAT ALISO office on  Cell: 0789831898, office 0675870233 or the JKUAT Alumni Association secretariat on or


Dr. Churchill Saoke Ph.D.

Graduation Documents


21st Graduation JUNE


22nd Graduation JUNE 


23rd Graduation July 2014 GRADUATION BOOKLET
23rd Graduation July 2014 Addendum (B)
23th TUM Graduands
24th November GRADUATION-LIST-NOV.2014






28th  November 2016 GRADUATION BOOKLET






32nd November 2018 Graduation Booklet


33rd JUNE 2019 Graduation Booklet

34th November 2019 Graduation Booklet



JKUAT ALUMNI Tracer Study Launch

Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology Alumni can now locate and network with their former colleagues following the launch of the alumni tracer study.

JKUAT Alumni Association Chair, Arch Christopher Naicca

The University through the Directorate of Alumni and International Students Office (ALISO) with support of key stakeholders is set to trace and connect all JKUAT Alumni courtesy of the tracer study programme that was launched, December, 14, 2017 by the Deputy Vice Chancellor in charge of Research, Production and Extension, Prof. Mary Abukutsa at the JKUAT Alumni Business Center at Woodlands Office Park along Woodlands Road, Nairobi.

The programme seeks to enhance the active engagement of former students in the affairs of their alma mater. The Alumni are also primed to play a lead role by sharing their thoughts with the aim of enriching and ensuring the curriculum students go through is responsive to market dynamics.

DVC RPE, Prof. Mary Abukutsa Giving her remarks

Vice Chancellor, Prof. Mabel Imbuga who was represented by Prof. Abukutsa at the launch, hailed the tremendous work done by the Alumni Association in partnership with ALISO in re-activating  Alumni connections and networks with former students and termed the move as a positive step towards building a critical network of job creators and mentors.

Under the tracer study programme, “JKUAT Alumni can take smaller but extremely important roles in giving back to the university through talks, mentorships, internships/ job opportunities, purchase of memorabilia and participation in Alumni reunion activities designed to reunite Alumni and their families,” Prof. Imbuga observed.

She urged JKUAT Alumni in influential positions to help the University to bridge the gap between industry and research, and to consider setting up foundations at their alma mater. She further encouraged innovators and entrepreneurs to take advantage of the Business Centre’s modern facilities to launch their business startups.

The Director, ALISO, Dr. Churchill Saoke said, “the tracer study will enable the Association to build stronger relationships around areas such as mentorship, investments, advocacy as well as creating brand loyalty and commitment amongst alumni fraternity.”

Dr. Churchill Saoke, Explaining how the online platform works in gathering feedback from the Alumni

The tracer study, Dr. Saoke added was driven by four approaches including engagement of alumni volunteers who are already making phone calls to the alumni and questionnaires seeking opinion of the graduates of various academic programs they studied at JKUAT. The questionnaire that has been developed is available at the Alumni Association website.

Other approaches include: e-mail communication to Alumni and use of key persons per class tasked with creating alumni groups to ignite interest among former classmates to engage and  employers’ approach to give feedback on JKUAT programmes and the suitability of JKUAT graduates in the workplace.

The Alumni Association Chair, Arch. Christopher Naicca appealed to Alumni to provide feedback through questionnaire. Those who were present included the CEO, National Youth Council, Mr. Ray Ochieng, Managing Director, SOWITEC, Mr. George Aluru, Mr. Benard Onguso, an entrepreneur with investments in aviation, real estates, hospitality and renewable energy.

Another JKUAT Scholar bags the prestigious Mandela Washington Fellow

Voluntary work has never been interesting and also being part of any initiative that does not bring anything in return (moneywise) seems time well wasted, but wait a minute, what does one gain from volunteering?
Well, the story of one Ms. Sheila Awuor, a final year student from the Food Science Department in JKUAT Main Campus will change your perspective on how you view any kind of voluntary job or initiative you have come across.

Ms. Awuor at ALISO Office

Ms. Awuor has bagged the prestigious Mandela Washington Fellowship 2017. The program is a flagship project of the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) and was initiated by the former President of the USA His Excellency Barack Hussein Obama. Jabulani Youths for Transformation (JAY4T) is an initiative she began after her high school in 2012  with few of her friends back at home in Kisumu, has earned her this prestigious award. The initiative was started solely to help the less fortunate in their region in children homes.
Ms. Awuor’s area of specialization in the fellowship will be in Public Management at Howard University, located in Washington DC.

The JKUAT Alumni and International Students Office (ALISO) is glad to be part of this success story as one of its mandate is to encourage and facilitate student exchange programs. ALISO is also glad to have her Director Dr. Churchill Saoke who is also an Alumnus of Mandela Washington Fellow (2015).

Below is Ms. Sheila Awuor Story;-

Who is Ms. Sheila Awuor in a nutshell

I am a student at JKUAT. My course is BSc. Food Science and Technology. I am in my final year of study and in my final semester too.

How you got to know about the Mandela Washington Fellowship

I came to know about the Mandela Washington fellowship through facebook because YALI has a Facebook page where they post information concerning the initiative. Their social media platform is used to enlighten the population about the various challenges that each African country faces, there are also former MWF fellows who share their experiences about the fellowship here. So, I subscribed and got regular communication from them, I started by doing the online courses they offered in their website and completed some of them. I specifically got to know about the MWF program through a friend who told me to send it out to my friends who met the requirements as specified. I read the requirements, although I didn’t seem to meet the age requirement, I went ahead and filled the form, wrote all the essays and then submitted, after all, I thought to myself, I had nothing to lose by trying.

 What makes you special from other qualified MWF fellows in 2017?

Director ALISO and Mandela Washington Alumnus, Dr. Churchill Saoke with Ms. Sheila Awuor in one of her visit to ALISO Office

What makes me stand out as I was told is, I got selected at a really young age, younger than most participants (21yrs) it’s something that I still haven’t been able to comprehend till now because most selected fellows I have had a chance to interact with are between the ages of (24 – 35 yrs).

The other thing is, the plan we have for the initiative because we have currently been able to develop a five year strategic plan to help us achieve our goals and the core Vision of the initiative. We are however restructuring to enable each one of us give their very best so as to reach out to as many children as we can afford to.

One can also get more information by following the YALI facebook page (Young African Leaders Initiative Network) and their twitter handle @YALInetwork

What is the nature of your initiative? In addition, how does it help the society?

Nature of Jabulani initiative – An initiative geared towards transforming the future of our country by focusing majorly on transforming the mindset of young children so that by the time they are grown up, they already have a positive outlook of situations and they know how to deal with each one appropriately. We also help to mentor Orphaned kids who are being raised up in children homes, this is as a result of noting that these children especially those in Government owned homes have little or no guidance concerning life skills and or handy skills that may help them survive once they are released from these homes. Our target group ranges from the ages of (6- 18yrs).

What inspired you to do the Children’s home

Growing up, I never knew that there was such a distinct difference between the classes in our country namely; the lower class and the upper class. The first time I came face to face with people lacking basic needs and children forced to stay hungry in school because their parent could not afford to pay for their lunch, I vowed to help in any way I could, so I would share anything I had with these children including choosing to go hungry on some occasions. I later realized that this was not offering a long term solution to the problem we were facing and therefore after brainstorming and consulting my friends. We decided to put in our time to volunteer and use this opportunity to talk to and to teach the young children and teenagers we came across to develop their skills and talents so that they would use them in future aside from their academic achievements to improve and better their livelihoods. We also noted the negative aspects that these children picked from some adults in terms of perception towards life and all. We therefore saw it fit to not only equip them with handy skills but also life skills such as the effect their words have on their fellow children and how their attitudes can be a deterrent to them achieving their future goals. We therefore also focus on things like embracing diversity especially in terms of tribal differences because this is one of the major ailments our country Kenya faces, we also teach them about corruption, it’s effects and how to choose not to be corrupt. After several visits to various children’s homes we were working with, an idea popped up and stuck and the idea is what we refer to today as JABULANI YOUTHS 4 TRANSFORMATION.

What benefits does one get from being a Mandela Fellow?

The benefits of being part of the YALI program are more than one can think of with the primary ones being, unlimited access to resources at the Regional Leadership Centres, a lot of networking opportunities with people from all over Africa and America and access to training, support and donations from other Partners.

What is your life’s principle or philosophy you live by?

Always be the best version of me, because this way, I am able to fully utilize my potential, hence giving back the world the best I can afford to.

Words of advice/encouragement to anyone doing any pro bono/volunteer job/initiatives

Give your best in volunteering and or the initiative you have without expecting anything in return. The joy of watching your influence transform the lives of several young people is better than anything you will ever get, You will have the satisfaction knowing that our Country is taking shape because of the many combined little efforts everyone is making across board.

What motivates you in life?

My motivation is that, we are not yet there as a community, society or country until we reach the level in which citizens can relax knowing our country has reached its maximum potential. This is in terms of raising up a generation that will stick to the betterment and investing in children so as to secure the future, I will not stop.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

In five years time I hope to have reached so many children that we as Jabulani Youths 4 Transformation would not need any introduction especially to the citizens of our country Kenya. (because we are currently based in Kisumu town).


Jabulani’s social media handles

Twitter :@Jabulani_Youths

Facebook : Jabulani Youths for Transformation – JAY4T

Follow us: @JKUATAlumni & @JKUATALISO

~ Kigen Evans K.

Dr. Churchill Saoke takes over as ALISO Director

Dr. Churchill Saoke a wind energy scholar in the Physics Department, at JKUAT, the director for Peace and Unity International and a Mandela Washington Fellow (MWF) was recently installed as the new Alumni and International Students Office (ALISO) Director.
Dr. Saoke cut his leadership teeth as a student leader of Jomo Kenyatta University Students Organization (JKUSO) in 2007/2008, where he served as the Academic Secretary before rising to other leadership positions.

Below is his remarks at the handing over ceremony at ALISO office in JKUAT Main Campus on Friday, 31st March, 2017:

Dr. Saoke (right) receiving documents from the outgoing Director Prof. Wariara Kariuki
Dr. Saoke reading through documents he received in his new office

From the onset, allow me to express my acceptance of my new appointment by the Vice Chancellor, with a deep sense of humility and profound gratitude.
I am especially pleased that some of the most distinguished alumni are with us here today. Your presence is an affirmation of the central role ALISO is currently playing in addressing key system-wide policy and development issues that ensure you remain relevant, vibrant and in touch with the University.
Allow me to thank, once again, the outgoing Director, Prof. Wariara Kariuki. You provided important leadership in ALISO that has been critical in accelerating efforts to achieve the laid down plans of alumni and international students. Under your leadership, the university approved the registration of the Alumni Association and you also facilitated deepened discussions on alumni relations with the University.
We have witnessed progress by the joint conference for selection of international students in Berlin Germany and other countries abroad as well as many other milestones that relate to policy change, institutional restructuring, mentor-ship and broadening of funding streams.
I will count on your continued positive and constructive engagement in the future as we work towards advancing the Directorate’s strategic plans and thereby enabling the university to achieve her vision of being “A University of Global Excellence in Training, Research and Innovation for Development. “
To the staff in this Directorate, I look forward to working with you.

In the coming days, we will need greater ambition, increased action and reconstruction of the alumni narrative. We will seek to build on the foundation that has already been laid by our successors and inject new life into the various proposed structural reforms in the office to ensure broader alumni engagement, vibrancy of the association, strengthened policy guidance from the board of Alumni Affairs, increase the university’s international visibility and exponential increase of admission of international students in JKUAT.

Prof. Wariara (3rd left) and Dr. Saoke (middle) with ALISO Staff after the handing over ceremony

The efforts of the office in tackling unemployment challenges of our graduates will be handled through employable training; expansion of job placements and experiential entrepreneurship training, student as well as alumni incubation.

As a Directorate we also hope to open new opportunities for alumni engagement with the university on areas of career development for alumni and their families, business networking and reunions for both alumni and their families. Moreover, we shall endeavor to explore the issue of diversification of financing.

In conclusion to the Alumni, staff and students remember that we live in a time of almost limitless possibilities. As never before, we have the tools to eradicate poverty, improve social and economic well-being and lay the foundations for a sustainable future. Let us work together to ensure an inclusive, deep and durable sustainable future for all humankind.

Thank you.

Dr. Churchill Saoke, Ph.D.


Alumni to mentor 1000 primary school kids with their initiative

Addressing students at the Assembly Hall
Mr. Macharia addressing students at the JKUAT assembly Hall CAREER FAIR 2016
Dennis Macharia
Dennis Macharia at the JKUAT CAREER FAIR 2016

A 25 years old School of Mathematical Science graduate, Mr. Denis Macharia from College of Pure and Applied Science (COPAS) was recently honoured to deliver a speech to the Students at the corporate event of the year in JKUAT Main Campus, dubbed ‘Career Fair 2016’ whose theme was “Unveiling a world of opportunity.”

Mr. Macharia’s speech was based on how young people should create opportunities no matter how small they think they are.

He explained that the creation of opportunity should be inspired by infusing one’s passion with what they are currently pursuing at the university. His question to the students in attendance was, “Can you to bring them (passion and the course one is pursuing) together and earn a living?”

Mr. Macharia’s testimony on the love of numbers in Mathematics as a profession and a mathematics graduate depicted that the more time he spends doing mathematics, the more he gets excited and more satisfied with what he was doing and would want to do more and more of it.

“Don’t make money the goal, instead pursue the things you love doing and do them so well that people can’t take their eyes off you. All other tangible rewards will come as a result.” Mr. Macharia stated.

“It’s through doing the things we love that we do good to serve the purpose of our humanity existence on the planet earth, it’s the rent we pay.’’ he added.

He also mentioned that together with other two JKUAT graduates from School of Mathematical Science, have come up with an initiative called “Hesabu Kwa Wote’ where they are mentoring 1000 primary school kids. The initiative supports 1000 primary kids through individual performance evaluation, stationary and school uniform donation and hosts free Mathematics tutoring for high school.
“With great mentor ship in Mathematics from Prof. S. M Uppal and Manu Chandaria I find no reason why I cannot give back to the society that has made me who I am at the moment, It’s the least we can do to give back.” Mr. Macharia said as he concluded his speech.

He also said that he wishes and hopes that the initiative grows big that it will allow them to open a Mathematics centre where ‘all is maths’ in honor of Prof. Surindar Mohan Uppal who inspired them a lot during their mathematics lectures in their final year in campus and also has a mathematics centre named after him.

“We Value our Alumni”